Publisher's Note — By Jody Reese
Art is news here

by Jody Reese

The Hippo covers the arts in Manchester and a big part of our coverage is covering local art exhibits, plays and concerts.

One reason we do this is obvious —  it helps you decide if something going on is worth checking out.

Is the exhibit at the Currier your cup of tea? Will the big musical that’s playing through next week at the Palace Theatre justify buying a ticket? A good review or article can help you decide.

The arts community in Manchester is robust, and growing more so all the time. It merits serious coverage that includes reviews of significant one-time performances.

In other words, art is news. And if New Hampshire’s largest city is ever going to have a truly vibrant arts scene, concerts and plays and other one-time events should be covered.

And that’s what we do.

Consider this weekend. It’s currently spring performance time for local arts groups, and the city was abuzz with big musical events many months in the planning.

On Friday, Opera New Hampshire closed its season with a fully staged production of Verdi’s “La Traviata” that packed the Palace Theatre.

On Saturday, the New Hampshire Philharmonic concluded its 100th season with an excellent performance of the lively “New World” Symphony and Sting played the Verizon.

And on Sunday, the Manchester Choral Society gave its last concert under music director Lisa Wolff, who is stepping down after leading the group for nearly a quarter-century.

All these events involved hundreds of local people working for many months to make them happen. Whether or not you like this kind of music is besides the point — the fact remains that a lot of people were involved in some very public celebrations of art and music.

How’d they do? What worked and what didn’t? How did the performances stack up against earlier efforts? You can check it out, because this week’s Hippo contains reviews of all these events and more.

Just like a good sports section covers all the season’s games (and remember, once a game is played, you can’t buy a ticket, either), Hippo covers the arts. They certainly deserve it due to their importance to our city’s quality of life.

—Jody Reese

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