Publisher's Note ó By Jody Reese

We Need A Manny

Several aldermen are holding up selection of an economic development director because they want someone from inside city government to get the job.

While itís important to promote within, if the city can hire a Manny Ramirez-type player with significant experience and a successful track record, then it should. The point of this position, after all, is not to reward some political buddy, but to bring more business to the city. Aldermen holding up the hiring are Ted Gatsas (Ward 2), Ed Osborne (Ward 5), Paul Porter (Ward 6), Bill Shea (Ward 7), Mike Garrity (Ward 9), George Smith (Ward 10) and Mike Lopez (At-large).  

Itís true that few residents are going to get upset if the aldermen donít get a Ramirez-type for the development job. The gig doesnít  have a direct impact on city services, so Iím sure aldermen feel that, by stumping for a political friend, they are winning votes with city employees and their families. And thatís true. Hiring the wrong person for the job wonít have an impact for a few years to come. We may never notice the lost business or the higher property values that could have been if we had sought out a Ramirez-type for the job.

Good enough is not really good enough for Manchester. We can do better. We must demand it of our aldermen who seem content with saying good enough is good enough.

Support Valley Cemetery

The Friends of Valley Cemetery need companies to donate $2,000 to sponsor painted wood benches that will be on display for one month at City Hall Plaza. The benches, which will be designed by area artists, will then be auctioned off in September.

The Beautiful Benches initiative is a fantastic idea and one that the business community should really get behind. Not only does the money raised go to refurbish the Valley Cemetery, one of the cityís historical gems, but the benches will be a great attraction.

Interested parties can call 666-6600, Ext.103.

Also ...

I owe Skip Ashooh, who I ran into the other day, an apology. I wrote more than a year ago that the project at the corner of Bridge and Elm wasnít likely to happen. It is happening and can only help bring more money and business into Manchester.

óJody Reese

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