Hippo Manchester
October 20, 2005


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Publisher's Note: Happy yuppies, strong city
by Jody Reese

Growing up is never easy, and Manchester is no exception.

As the city seeks to be a destination for business and tourism in New England, itís battling itself over how others see it, how it sees itself and how it wants to move forward. Regardless of what public relations move the city makes, pro-nightlife or anti-nightlife, young professionals are key to the continued success of the city. Many times, this group is called the creative class or yuppies.

No other group embodies this creative class as the Manchester Young Professionals Network, a group that meets monthly at local restaurants and bars. The group recently celebrated its one year anniversary.

One of the groupís most important function is its monthly meetings, creating a place for members of that creative class to gather, swap stories and meet people with similar backgrounds. This is key to keeping those people here and encourage more of them to make their homes here. Without this social network, many of these young professionals would find it much easier to move onto the next city, seeking new friends and opportunity. Manchester needs these people to stick around. They are well-educated and ambitious ó and thatís exactly what drives economic development.

I have advocated many times for Manchester to work harder to keep more of its young here, from offering city-backed college financial help for aspiring teachers to subsidizing rents of trendy boutiques.

In todayís competitive environment, people can choose to live anywhere. Thatís where quality of life becomes so important, and that does not just mean good schools, clean streets or crime-free neighborhoods ó those should be givens these days. Quality of life includes the goods and services that are available, from restaurants to bars to specialty clothing shops to social networks. By creating an environment where itís easy to meet like-minded peers, the Manchester Young Professionals Network provides an invaluable service that contributes to its membersí quality of life.

Developers are already working to house these yuppies with several new or planned condominiums and downtown apartment complexes. Hopefully, the next step will be the emergence of a host of companies that move to Manchester to take advantage of this resource. With the addition of new economic developer Paul J. Borek, Manchester is in a good position to market itself to a rising number of tech and creative based businesses, including research and development.

So congratulations to the Manchester Young Professionals for helping to create an environment that encourages business growth in the city.....


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