Publisher's Note — The Really Big Story

We recently learned that HippoPress won 16 awards from the New Hampshire Press Association for excellence in news, advertising and design.

In the Community Journalism category, HippoPress submitted a collection of recent stories about how Manchester right now faces big questions about its future.

These questions are prompted by everything from world economic trends (such as the evaporation of manufacturing jobs) to a resurgence of interest in urban living.

New Hampshire’s largest city stands at the confluence of these trends. Will the right investments be made now to ensure the city prospers during the 21st century?

It’s a momentous time for the Queen City, and week after week, we’ve tried to follow the story. It serves as a foundation for much of each week’s coverage – news, food, music or personality profiles.

To be honored with a community journalism award from the New Hampshire Press Association for this effort is gratifying to all of us at Hippo.

And the frosting on this cake is that it only encourages us to do more. Which we will, thanks to the support of advertisers and the entire community.

—Story by Jody Reese

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