Hippo Manchester
August 25, 2005


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About two weeks ago, in your column, you gave advice to a young mother to abort her baby, you talked about it like a trip to the supermarket.

Will the boyfriend go shopping with her or will he stay home????????

We are talking about the life of a child, whose eyes will never see the light of day that god has given to this child. Arenít you blessed that your mom and dad did not feel that way about you.

Today we live in a culture of immorality. God is put on the back burner. As Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, ďIt is a very great poverty to decide that a child must die that you might live as you wish.Ē

- Mary and Joseph De luca

Dear Mary and Joseph,

I respect your opinion about this important and difficult issue. But the woman who wrote didnít ask my opinion about whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. She had already made that decision. She asked me a question about her boyfriendís reluctance to be with her on that day and how she might handle the situation. And the letter wasnít about me and my parents, either.

In a perfect world, we wouldnít have any need for abortion or adoption. In a perfect world, every child would be planned, wanted and loved. Oh, and fed and not abused and educated, etc. But we donít live in a perfect world. And in the world we live in, in this country, women have the legal right to decide how to handle an unwanted pregnancy Ė regardless of how it came about ó through faulty birth control, rape or incest. And I donít think itís my business to decide how to handle that for anyone but myself. 

That said, this is one of those issues that isnít going to go away, and Iím pretty sure Iím not going to change your minds about how you feel. Please know, though, that I do respect your beliefs, even if they are different from mine.


Sherry Hughes welcomes letters from readers, even if they are written in all capital letters. She can be contacted via e-mail at sah103@hotmail.com.