Pinings ó Just Sex


By Sherry Hughes

Dear Pinings,

My husband wants to go away to celebrate our anniversary in ďstyle.Ē He wants to go to a hotel with a hot tub in the room and porno on the tv. Iím exhausted just thinking about it.

Iíd much rather have a nice dinner somewhere close to home and go to a movie ... something we rarely do. I think he just wants sex.

How to I tell him what I want?

- Corey

Dear Corey,

Itís easy. You open your mouth and the words come out. The only thing you need to be careful about is how you tell him. You donít want to shoot him down altogether.

The good things to remember are that he remembered that itís your anniversary, he wants to spend time with you and he wants to have sex with you. These arenít things that are guaranteed in the marriage department. The bad part is that the two of you differ in what you think romance is.

Maybe you can compromise: Go out to dinner out of town and watch a racy, but not pornographic, movie; rent a hot tub for an hour and then go out to dinner; have dinner at home and watch a movie; go to a hotel with either porn or a hot tub. You surely get my point. You have lots of options, donít get stuck in the ďeither/orĒ place.

Create a win-win situation for you and your guy.

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