Pinings — Oh, Grow Up


by Sherry Hughes

Dear Pinings,

My grandparents came to visit over the recent holiday. They are in their 70s and we’ve always been close. We had other company too, my brother and sister-in-law and another couple who are friends.

Late one night I woke up to moaning and screaming coming from down the hall. My boyfriend got up to see what was going on and we realized it was my grandparents having sex! This happened THREE nights in a row and we all felt really uncomfortable facing them in the morning.

I was horrified to say the least. What should I have done?


Dear Embarrassed,

Oh, grow up.

First of all, you should feel lucky that your grandparents are (a) alive (b) healthy and (c) having sex. And can I just add that at least THEY are married.

It kind of gives me the heebie geebies to think of my mom and dad having sex, but hey, we are grown ups, you know? Sex is part of life. Lighten up.

If they were keeping the whole house up all night, I might suggest that you say something like, “Geez, I don’t know what the noise was I heard last night, but it woke me up and I had a terrible time getting back to sleep....’”

But to say something like, “Hey, quiet down with the orgasms, Grandma, you’re waking up the whole neighborhood!” is out of line.

Next time, if you are so bothered by their behavior, get them a hotel room ... or better yet, get earplugs.

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