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Publicity Stunt?

Dear Sherry,

Do you think this Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes thing is just a publicity stunt?

- B in Nashua

Dear B,

I just watched Oprah yesterday and Tom was on the show talking about her and his new movie Ė more about her than the movie. I can be extremely gullible when it comes to these things. Iím still not over the Brad and Jen split. I donít believe it when I read about Hollywood stars having plastic surgery. I really, really want to believe they are just beautiful people, naturally. I like living in my denial.

I have friends who lived in L.A. for many years. They tell me stories about being in the grocery store with Tommy Lee or meeting Brad and Jen at a party. And part of me wants to put my hands over my ears so that I donít have to hear that Tommy Lee always looked very grungy (well, more grungy than normal) and that Brad and Jen are as stunning in person as they appear on screen Ė how can that be? It makes me want to (need to) see for myself.

And I donít want to hear (again) how short Tom Cruise is.

So, the answer to your question is no, I donít think itís a publicity stunt. I believe heís hopelessly in love for the first time ever in his life. And I believe they will live happily ever after.

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