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Consumed By The Internet

Dear Pinings,

Iíve had a problem lately with my wife. Weíve been together for four years. I think she is spending a lot more time on the Internet than I would like. When I get home from work, she is online. When I go to bed, she is online. I know she works on a computer all day too at work, so I know she is e-mailing people and looking at Websites at work too. I want for her to spend more time with me. She insists she is having fun and not hurting anyone and that I shouldnít be so controlling. I havenít ever thought of myself as controlling, but maybe sheís right.

If she is up until 2 or 3 in the morning on the Internet, do I have the right to be mad?

- Bill

Dear Bill,

You are entitled to feel whatever you feel. And certainly if your partner is using the computer more than engaging in life with you, you have reason to wonder what that means in your marriage.

Women often complain about men watching too many sports on television or going fishing or hunting too much. This is the same kind of thing. You donít care that she uses the computer at home, but you are starting to feel as it that thing is more important than you are.

If you havenít had a conversation with her about it ó and I donít mean a fight ó ask her out for dinner and plan what you want to tell her. Try to be clear, concise and honest ó not blaming or shaming. Just tell her that you miss her. Tell her you want to be closer to her and talk to her more or maybe go out together occasionally, if only for an evening walk around the neighborhood.

Ask her if thereís anything wrong, if she is unhappy about anything. I say that because the computer is an escape in the same way television can be. If she is unhappy with something going on, she may just be shutting it out by turning on the computer.

After you tell her how you are feeling, be sure to give her a chance to talk Ö and listen to her. Donít interrupt.

If things donít improve, you might want to get the help of a professional; maybe a marriage counselor. And if she doesnít want to go with you, go on your own.

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