Hippo Manchester
November 17, 2005


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Pinings: Ex-Cooperation
by Sherry Hughes

Dear Pinings,

In a couple of months, Iím getting married. I have two children with my ex and want them to be in the wedding. My ex is not cooperating a whole lot, but she is going to let them come with me and my fiancť to another state for the wedding. I want her to come and get the kids so that my fiancť and I can leave from there on a honeymoon. My ex says itís not her responsibility and she wonít do it. Itís a three-hour drive each way and if we do that, weíll be in a car for about eight hours the day after the wedding and then on a plane that night. I think she is just being a b**** about it. My fiancť says we should ask our parents to bring them back.

- Frances

Dear Frances,

Come on, you donít really expect me to side with you, do you? Your ex is right. You want them in the wedding and itís three hours away. Why should she bring them to you or be responsible for getting them home again? Itís your wedding, not hers.

If she felt like it, and was in an extremely generous mood, she could offer to help with the transportation. But is it her responsibility? No. Is she being a b****? No.

Should everyone work together for the greater good, that of the children? Yes. Does that only happen in a perfect world? Yes. Do we live in a perfect world? I donít.

Asking the parents is a possible solution, but remember, itís not their responsibility either.

Sherry Hughes welcomes letters from readers. Contact her via e-mail at sah103@hotmail.com.