Hippo Manchester
October 13, 2005


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Pinings: Hunting Season
by Sherry Hughes

Dear Sherry,

Itís that time again: hunting season. Although I donít have a big moral dilemma with hunting, it is bothersome to me in a couple of ways: My boyfriend is gone all the time for a couple of months in the winter. He does musket hunting, bow and arrow and rifle. He doesnít go every day, but he does go several times a week. I also donít eat meat, so most of the stuff he drags out of the woods isnít anything I would eat or cook. He thinks Iím not being supportive.

What do you think?

- Chris in Hooksett

Dear Chris,

You donít say whether or not he hunted before you met. If he did, this is what you signed up for. Itís kind of like him telling to you skip your book club or biking group. Those are things that make you an individual and that you shouldnít change.

If your relationship is suffering because of his absences, thatís another story. If you have children and you are burdened with their care ó completely on your own ó for several weeks during the year so that he can hunt, you guys need to talk. And if he isnít pulling his weight around the house in other ways (chores, home repair, whatever), you need to address that as well.

You guys might benefit from counseling to address compromises ó when you need them and how to do them.

Sherry Hughes welcomes letters from readers. Reach her via e-mail at sah103@hotmail.com