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No Explanation

Dear Sherry,

I just started dating a man I really like. We have been on a half a dozen dates and so far, so good. Heís very respectful and kind and we have much in common. He hasnít kissed me yet, which is fine by me. I donít have a lot of good experiences in the dating field, so Iím happy to take things slowly.

I am experiencing one ďred flagĒ as you call it. He doesnít always do what he says he is going to do. He says he is going to call and sometimes he does, sometimes he doesnít. If we have plans, sometimes they materialize, other times I donít hear from him at all and am left wondering whatís going on. He always apologizes when this happens, but offers no explanation.

Should I make an issue of this?

- Melissa

Dear Melissa,


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