November 25, 2010


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A tip of the cap
Supreme Court Rejects a spending rule

By Jeff Mucciarone

The notion of a tax cap, or a spending cap ó whichever your prefer ó has been much scrutinized in New Hampshire. The recent unanimous state Supreme Court ruling leaves the caps more than scrutinized; it leaves them seemingly unconstitutional.

Wireless Zone widens
Al Pellecchia and his team at the Wireless Zone in Raymond provide an extra dose of customer service that the big retailers canít, he says.

Shorts on Screen
Not that it isnít so in the United States, but abroad the short film genre is seen as more of an art form. Viewers at Red River Theatres this weekend will get a look at 40 short films, most of which originate outside U.S. borders.

Just Naturals expands
After three years in Amherst, it was time for Karen Girardo to expand her business.

Girardo ran Just Naturals and Company out of her Bedford home for two and a half years before moving to Salzburg Square in Amherst.

News in brief

ē Governor appoints new chief justice: Much to the chagrin of incoming Executive Councilor Chris Sununu in particular, Gov. John Lynch did not wait for the new, all-Republican Executive Council to be seated, and announced last week he would nominate Linda Dalianis to be the next chief justice of the state Supreme Court.