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Fate of All Tyrants may lose their guitars but they always find the punk

By Kevin Rodriguez []

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The Fate of All Tyrants


R.J. M.– bass

Cody B. – drums

Colin V. – vocals, guitar

Garrett M.– guitar


The band doesn’t like to label themselves, but they can be described as a mix of punk and screamo.


The original lineup formed when they were in eighth grade.


Colin, Garrett, and R.J. are in Bedford, and Cody hails from Manchester.


They play because it’s “fun,” says Colin. Cody says he plays “because I love drumming.”

Cody B. does it for the adoration.

“I’m the eye candy,” exclaims Cody. “I play shirtless every show.”

(The band only goes by their first names and last initial.)

He goes on to add, “I’m Italian, what else could you ask for?” His tongue-in-cheek statements exemplify the humor of The Fate of All Tyrants. They break out in laughter many times, at an anecdote R.J. tells about his sister, at watching a former guitarist for the band hit Colin in the groin when Colin reaches out to give him a hug. The Fate of All Tyrants are four Manchester High School West kids who are all about making music that’s fun to listen to.

Musically, they say they’re a mix of punk and screamo. Personally, they’re an interesting bunch of kids with eclectic tastes. Colin, the singer and guitarist, listens to Dropkick Murphys, Story Of The Year, and Yellowcard, to name a few. Garrett, also on guitar, listens to Johnny Cash, ZZ Top, and Foghat. R.J., the bassist, simply listens to, as he puts it, “good music.” Cody, the drummer, likes “anything Travis Barker,” The Transplants, and early Aquabats. They’ve played with bands such as Jonee Earthquake Band (who Colin describes as “legends in the New Hampshire punk scene”), The Takeouts, Down The Stretch, and Two Hour Parking. This summer they’re touring with Doubting Thomas and Left To Prove, two bands they’ve appeared with before.

The band formed in Bedford when its members were in eighth grade.

“We were originally called Floodcone,” says Colin. They dropped their guitarist and changed the lineup during high school, going through a few more names, like The Riot Kids and Dollar A Day. “Like, for a day,” says RJ. “We changed our name to The Fate Of All Tyrants because there was a band called The Riot that wanted to kick our ass,” says Garrett. “We were on the Internet, and we went to,” explains Colin. “We would like to say there’s some deep, dark, full-of-tragedy meaning,” says Garrett, but they can’t. They plan to someday release an EP titled “Get Rich And Die Trying,” a play on the title of 50 Cent’s debut album. “The exact release date is somewhere between July and next September,” jokes RJ.

The best show they’ve ever played was at Curly’s Coffee House with Jonee Earthquake Band, Red Invasion, Blank Tradition, and The Sarcastics. “[Curly’s Coffee House] is really small. You walk in and there were so many kids there. You usually don’t see even 50 kids there, and there was about 175 kids there,” says Colin. “We had to cancel that show and move it down to Foxboro,” says Garrett with a wide grin. And their worst show? “Bedford Town Hall, this February. I set this thing up and lost $120. We had bands like STH, Arwen, Seconds Are, and The River Bottom. For us, I think there was 13 people there,” Colin says, cringing. “Plus, I wasn’t there,” chimes in Cody. He had to attend the premiere of “Hidalgo” in Hollywood. “I smashed my guitar that show,” adds Garrett. “I’d never felt such a good pleasure and satisfaction until the next week when we were supposed to have practice and I was like ‘Wow, I have no guitar.’” The band then launches into a tirade about Garrett’s continued lack of a guitar. Not only that, but he has to borrow picks and rent amps as well.

“I own an effects pedal and a cable,” says Garrett, causing the group to break out in a fit of laughter.

The band’s current tour includes dates in both New Hampshire (Sept. 18 the band will be at the Sad Cafe in Plaistow) and Massachusetts.

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