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The Zutons

By Judah Pollack

The Zutons, not a for-everybody band

The Zutons, Who Killed... The Zutons ***
Epic Records, 2004

If youíre one of those people who loves that scene in Kill Bill Vol. II when Darryl Hannahís character, having just killed Michael Madsenís character with those three vicious snake bites, opens the door to the trailer and, wham, there are Uma Thurmanís feet flying right at her, and you have to see it again, only in your excitement you accidentally go back at X30, but thatís cool because when you manage to stop it youíre at that scene when Uma Thurman remembers how to bust out of the coffin sheís been buried alive in and thatís sweet too, youíre really going to like this album.

If you dig the idea of a rock album made by a neurotic Brit who imagines his life as a comic book and has a penchant for broken hearts, youíre really going to like this album.

If, however, you donít really care for the British but admire the fact that they joined our coalition, this album probably isnít for you.

If you wear Pumaís youíll be down with The Zutons.

However, if you wear Uggs The Zutons will just be too reminiscent of those dorks who wonít leave you alone even after graduation.

If you secretly harbor a love for the Discovery Channel you will probably really like this album.

If, however, you secretly harbor doubts about the theory of evolution, this album is not for you.

If you love the idea of Quentin Tarantino re-making Grease, this album is kind of what that soundtrack would be.

If, however, you wish Quentin Tarantino would cease making films so there would be more money for Ron Howardís vision, leave The Zutons be.

And if you can walk with kings and not lose the common touch, well, youíre a better man than I.                         

ó Judah Pollack

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