November 11, 2010


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Competitive Mindset
Record execs will be in the audience at Dover show
By Angel Roy

Up-and-coming local bands have earned an opportunity to take the stage at the Dover Brick House on Friday, Nov. 12, for a chance to make their dreams come true.

Manchester-based Mindset X is one of four bands scheduled to perform at the showcase performance for Capital/Universal/Atlantic Records artist and recording representative Kim Stephens, who signed such bands as Matchbox 20 and Saving Abel.

Bands Mindset X, Break My Fall, Similar Differences and Daniel Taylor were selected for the showcase after winning competitions hosted by a production company. MindsetX, formed in 2004, beat out 15 bands for the opportunity.

“We just played to play,” said Mindset X guitarist and lead singer Steven Haidaichuk.

Mindset X leans toward hard metal music, Haidaichuk said. The three MindsetX band members, Haidaichuk said, all favor very different genres but have teamed together to make melodic music.

“We kind of write what we feel,” Haidaichuk said. “We have got quite a unique, diverse style.”

While practicing for the showcase, Haidaichuk said, the band has rehearsed songs from their newest album As Seen on TV, released in January, but has also had the opportunity to revisit music from their first album, Physics, released in 2005.

“It was kind of cool going through the older material; we haven’t done that in a while,” Haidaichuk said. “It is usually ‘move forward, write, write, write.’ It was cool to dive back into those roots and see what we were thinking during that period of time.”

Mindset X will perform a 30- or 35-minute set at the showcase and is planning to “mix it up a bit” with some of its catchier and heavier songs, Haidaichuk said. Songs performed at the show will include “Atmosphere” — one of the group’s staples — “Box,” and “Drop,” he said.

Haidaichuk said the band’s goal is to promote the show to the fullest, filling up the audience with cheering fans who are ready to “rip it up.”

“New Hampshire fans have been fantastic for us throughout the years …. It is very heartwarming, and amazing, to go out onstage and see more and more people come to actually see the band,” Haidaichuk said.

Mindset X is currently signed to Transit Music, a Granite State indie label, but cannot do much on a limited band budget.

“In the end it is about spreading the music as far distance as possible,” Haidaichuk said.

Haidaichuk said he and bandmates Adam Cote and Jerry Houle are unsure what will come out of Friday’s “Get Your Rock On” showcase for the band.

“Obviously it would be nice to be handed a [contract] when we step offstage — like, ‘Here you go, let’s get working on this,’” Haidaichuk said. “We’re not sure what Stephens is looking for … but I think in the end we will gain something out of this.”

The “Mindset” part of band’s moniker, which Haidaichuk remembers choosing while sitting outside their practice spot, was something band members hoped would make people think. The “X” represented the “unknown factor,” Haidaichuk said.

“It’s like you think you know the band, but you never know where it’s going to go,” Haidaichuk said.

And where Mindset X wants to go is to the top.

“The three of us are determined; there is not much else we want to do in life …. [A major record deal] is what we are shooting for,” Haidaichuk said. “We are clawing our way for the opportunity to do whatever it takes to get that.”

Tickets for the showcase cost $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Advance tickets may be purchased by e-mailing Haidaichuk at

Manchester-based MindsetX will take the stage with three other bands at the Dover Brick House on Friday, Nov. 12. Courtesy photo.

Get Your Rock On showcase
When: Friday, Nov. 12, at 9 p.m.
Where: Dover Brick House, 2 Orchard St., Dover, 749-3838,
Tickets: $10 in advance, $12 at the door.