July 31, 2008


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deSoL will sing it all night
Free show caps Manch Summer Music Series
By Brian Early bearly@hippopress.com

When you ring Albie Monterrosa, the lead vocalist and acoustic guitarist for deSoL, his phone plays a bit of the band’s latest single, “Sing It All Night.”

“I’m really excited,” he said. “It’s the first time we ever had a ring tone.”

And that sums up my impression of Monterrosa: a person who enjoys the small things in life, like the band’s first ring tone. It’s something that he strives for every day, taking the good with the bad, staying in the present moment, and working on enjoying all aspects of life, even the long days of touring with the same individuals day in and day out.

“You always think ... when is it going to get easy? You get a record deal. When is it going to get easy? You get on the radio. When is it going to get easy? We’re writing our third album. When is it going to get easy?” he said. “When you start living in the present, that’s when things start getting easy.”

The small things are what the band likes the most about playing in Boston/Manchester area, and they’ll play again Thursday, July 31, at Veteran’s Park in Manchester for a free show to conclude the Manchester Summer Music Series.

“There’s something about Manchester that’s special,” Monterrosa said.

Many times, people will cook vegan food for the band, as Monterrosa is a strict vegetarian.

“The people really care for us. They know they can bring food. And we’re hungry all the time. There’s a feeling of home. We consider it our second home,” he said.

They’ve played in the area a lot, at the Palace Theatre, where they are in discussions now for an October show, and at the Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry, where they are planning on playing early next year. The Latin rock band, based out of Asbury Park, N.J., formed in 2000, and released their second album, On My Way, nearly a year ago.

Recently, deSoL was selected by Heineken for a video contest in conjunction with film students at the University of California at Los Angeles. Fifty different entries were made by students on how they would create a video for the single, “Sing It All Night,” a song about the challenges of being away from loved ones while on the road. Last week, they selected the finalist, and soon the video will be produced and marketed by Heineken.

“It’s a way to keep the arts alive from the Heineken end,” Monterrosa said.

Traveling for the band has become easier than when they first started. Their original tour bus was a 15-passenger van they all crammed into; now they have an RV.

“We have bunks in the back. We have a kitchen, a refrigerator, a microwave, a stove. We get to travel in comfort,” he said. “It’s a little family on the road. We get a lot of work done on the road. It’s definitely improved our quality of life on the road,” he said.

And it’s that living in close quarters that has made the band really meld together, learning how to live with people that you see all the time. All the time.

“It’s definitely a learning experience and a growing experience. They should do a reality show about it. You really need to learn how to live with people. Have compassion and respect people,” he said. “The things that the politicians should learn.”

Where: Veteran’s Park, off Elm Street, in downtown Manchester
When: Thursday, July 31, at 7 p.m.
Tickets: Free!

Rain date
With the torrential downpours on Thursday, July 24, Entrain, the band scheduled to play at Veteran’s Park that night, canceled their show. They won’t make up the show this year, but they will play at the Summer Music Series next year.