January 3, 2008


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Living the metalcore fairy tale
In This Moment and its attention-grabbing lead singer come to Bedford
By Alec O’Meara aomeara@hippopress.com

When performing with Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne it can be hard to get noticed, but Maria Brink, lead vocalist and front woman for In This Moment, doesn’t seem to have much of a problem.

Brink was included among Revolver Magazine’s “Hottest Women of Metal” this year, just one more credit in a year that has seen In This Moment go from touring southern California to criss-crossing the country opening for some of rock’s biggest names. Twelve months ago the band was on the club circuit. Recently, it played Madison Square Garden.

It’s been a transition, said Brink, who is scheduled to play a Jan. 13 show at Mark’s Showplace in Bedford. (A report in last week’s Hippo that Rob Zombie might put in an appearance at the show now can’t be confirmed and Zombie’s Web site lists him as playing a show in South Burlington,Vt., that day.)

“It’s a completely crazy, insane fairytale thing. We’re still just a baby band, you know?” Brink said.

Part of the engine driving the band’s recent success is Beautiful Tragedy,In This Moment’s first full-length album. As a songwriter on the album, much of Brink’s personal life is tied up within the lyrics of the band’s songs. Brink’s personality and voice that separates In This Moment from its metalcore brethren. She has the musical chops to impress serious fans, and the blond, tattooed look that assures the band time in front of the cameras

Admittedly, there have been times where Brink’s sex appeal has worked against the band, especially in the red-meat world of metal.

“It seems like the heavier the crowd, the worse that it gets, but it never has gotten all that bad,” she said, adding that the occasional chants to lose the top are far outweighed by the positives taken from the newfound success. Besides, she added, it isn’t like there’s a tremendous number of groups out there doing the same thing.

“It’s OK to be different, and that’s what we are,” she said.

Working a massive arena is completely different than playing a club, Brink said. There’s more opportunity to connect with the audience in an intimate setting than when singing out to a crowd of several thousand. Also, she added the smaller venues in the out-of-the way locales, like Mark’s Showplace, are usually some of the best places to play, she said.

“A lot of times, those are the best shows.” said Brink. “L.A. and New York are probably the hardest places to play because everyone there has seen it all already. It’s harder to break through that.”

Playing with some of the most recognizable faces in music certainly helps as well, though.

“Ozzy is just Ozzy. He’s been doing it for so long and he goes out there and sings,” she said.

Staying very grounded, Brink calls the success of the past year “a good start” for In This Moment. The exposure from touring with Ozzy and Zombie has been beneficial. Brink explained that now the band needs to capitalize on that momentum. Brink believes that the band’s diversity will help at the next level.

“We kind of do everything and we have this really diverse sound,” she said. “We do the melodic, quiet, pretty stuff to just flat-out rock stuff too, you know?”

In This Moment
What: In This Moment will be joined by other area bands at a show that might begin as early as 5 p.m.
Where: Mark’s Showplace, 390 South River Road, Bedford
When: Sunday, Jan. 13, at 8 p.m.
Tickets: $15
More info: www.inthismoment.com.