November 15, 2007


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Rude renewed
Updated band returns with new disc, show
By Alec O’Meara

LWith a new album, new sound and new lineup, Rude Toys is back to try and claim supremacy in the upcoming battle of the bands Nov. 25 at Milly’s Tavern.

Toys has gone through several changes since its last studio recording back in 2004. The new album represents a transition period for the band, as bassist CJ Cunningham and drummer Todd “Lupo” Cantalupo are not involved with every track. Lead vocalist Tammy Schatz is the lone tie to the band’s original 2000 lineup, with guitarist Mike Myles adding a new perspective to the creative process. Unlike Toys’ first offering, Cry Out, Schatz said, the band’s new sound ranges toward a less heavy, more melodic pop-rock feel.

Just don’t try to pigeonhole the band into any one genre.

“With so many bands, you hear the first couple of tracks and you feel like you pretty much know how the rest of the album is going to sound,” said Myles. “That’s not the case with this CD.”

Some tracks deliver a radio-friendly pop sound, while others drift toward reggae roots, and there are some ballads thrown in. Myles said that when the album was getting mastered, some in the studio joked that the variety invoked The Beatles’ legendary white album for its range of sounds. Part of the reason for the variety is that Myles and Schatz initially began recording in Myles’s basement not really knowing the direction they were taking. The tracks might have been for a new Toys album, or perhaps for a different band altogether. Ultimately, they agreed to piece the 15 or 16 songs the songwriting team developed into a new album.

When Feel No Guilt debuted, the band’s core following was present, but afterward Myles and Schatz agreed that the next album release party probably shouldn’t go up against half the state’s Halloween parties or game three of the World Series. The Nov. 25 appearance at Milly’s will offer a special treat for longtime fans, as former Toys bassist Rhino will be sitting in. Rhino was once the primary bassist for the band, but now only helps fill in on occasion. Future dates remain up in the air for the holiday season, but the band plans to play more live events in the coming weeks.

Feel No Guilt is available at shows or online at and on iTunes.

Rude Toys
When: Sunday, Nov. 25
Where: Milly’s Tavern, 500 Commercial St., Manchester
More info: