September 27, 2007


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They’re so heavy
One Track Mind covers metal
By Erica Febré

One Track Mind is a cover band that has decided to be unique.

“Our whole thing was we kind of started a niche. We said we were gonna be the heavy cover band. I’ve done the cover circuit for a good 10 years or so and it seems like every band is playing 90 percent of the same top 40 songs. So we decided to cater more towards the heavier end,” said Scott Frontain with One Track Mind.

Frontain plays guitar with One Track Mind along with Jeff Rudokas on lead guitar, Tom Bester on vocals, Rob Pariseau on drums, and Carl Downing on bass.

“We’ve all been in the original scene as well. Maybe when we were younger we tried to be rock stars but none of us are in it now for the money. We do it just for the love of the music,” Frontain said.

One Track Mind has been working the New England cover band circuit for more than ten years, although there have been quite a few member changes throughout the years. Working alongside some of the other local cover bands for years now, Frontain said it was this exposure that convinced them that a change was needed.

“You can see eight different cover bands all playing the same tunes or you can see us and hear something different. It’s a little bit alternative but still stuff that’s on Rock 101 or WAAF. The heavier stuff like Metallica, the Godsmacks and the Panteras,” Frontain said.

One Track Mind also makes it part of their mission to play cover tunes exactly as they were originally written, as opposed to seasoning them with their own likings.

“Whatever tuning a band played the song in originally, we cover it in the exact same tuning. We do everything authentic, whereas most cover bands are gonna transpose it to a tuning that works better for them,” Frontain said.

Keeping the songs in tune requires Frontain and Rudokas to travel with almost a dozen guitars. But ironically, playing specifically heavy-oriented music has looped One Track Mind into a scene that runs more original than cover.

“It’s definitely a little tougher for us because we’re not playing top 40 covers or dance music,” Frontain said.

Since most cover bands stick with covering top 40 classic rock, that’s pretty much also what most clubs book, leaving One Track Mind to compete for a spot in the same venues that would book the original bands.

For the time being, Frontain said, the members of One Track Mind are happy doing a few gigs here and there, keeping a balance between their real lives and their music lives.

One Track mind
What: a heavy metal and hard rock cover band
When: Saturday, Oct. 6, starting at 9 p.m.
Where: Mad Bob’s Saloon, 342 Lincoln St., Manchester
For more information: A full song list and more details about One Track Mind are available at or