August 9, 2007


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Mr. Bogois meets ‘Mr. Jones’
Counting Crows join Live, Collective Soul at
By Erica Febre

Downtown Manchester will be rocking three times as hard on Friday, Aug. 17 ,as Stadium presents the Rock N’ Roll Triple Play tour featuring Counting Crows, Collective Soul and Live.

The Rock ‘N Roll Triple Play Tour will take the three bands to 23 different minor- league ballpark stadiums throughout the country.

Jim Bogois, the drummer with Counting Crows, easily remembered for their first big hit “Mr. Jones,” joined the band in early 2003. Bogois said he looks forward to the band’s upcoming release, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, a title still in the works, as it will be the first recording to include him.

Bogois himself played with Sheryl Crow for eight years before joining up with other members of Counting Crows — Adam Durtiz on vocals and piano; Charles Gillingham on piano, organ, mellotron, harmonica and accordion; Dan Vickrey on guitar and piano; David Immergluck on guitar, mandolin, pedal steel and bass, and David Bryson on guitar.

Bogois talks about what made him decide to join the band and tells us why they wish there were still baseball games scheduled at the arenas hosting their tour this summer.

So what brought these three bands, Counting Crows, Collective Soul and Live, together for the Rock n’ Roll Triple Play tour?
I’m not really sure. Live and Counting Crows have toured together before and that definitely had something to do with it. The bands had a really good time on that tour but that was before my time with the band. When you tour with a band, your relationship changes forever, that’s for sure. We spend a lot of time and you get to know people really fast.

What has been the biggest change in Counting Crows over the years?
I think the band has gotten better; playing- wise, the band is as strong as it’s ever been. When I got in the band, I think it helped rejuvenate everybody a little bit, brought a little more energy to the table. It was a big decision for me to join the band, especially because I had been around a long time — I was playing with Sheryl Crow for eight years. When you make a career decision like that, you really need to be sure of what the band is about and what they have to say. For me, part of the reason why the band has stayed at this level, when a lot of their contemporaries haven’t, is because the band is great live and the songs. This band has so much more to say and when you write great material it holds up and this band has an amazing catalog of great songs. And Adam is just a great frontman, a great singer.

One of the things for us, and this is such a plus, but it takes up time, is we’re constantly tweaking the set list and adding new songs, which is one of the main reasons I love playing in this band.

I hear on your time off you still spend all your time on the drums. Are there any side projects you’re currently working with?
David Immergluck and I have a band called Glider and that’s really the only other band that I give time to. It started as a band of all guys playing other gigs. I was with Cheryl, Immergluck with Counting Crows, the bass player was playing with Tracy Chapman and the keyboard player was with Ryan Adams. We would get together whenever we were back at home and play together. We play gigs in the Bay area and we’ve been kind of slowly working on a record and we also did a song for the Beatles compilation coming out soon. It’s more for fun. It’s not like we’re going to try to do something big with it. We just love playing.

What do you think is the signature stamp of Counting Crows?
It’s gotta be a combination of obviously Adam’s voice, first and foremost is our sound, and I would say the songwriting and the execution and stretching and emotionally trying to make things happen. All those things are really big things, I couldn’t really say it was just one thing, but if there were one it would be Adam’s voice that’s definitely what makes the sound of the band. It’s one of those things — when you hear his voice you know who he is.

If you had to pick just one, what would be your favorite Counting Crows song?
Well, you tell me first what your favorite Counting Crows song is and I’ll tell you what mine is...

OK well, I would definitely have to say “Mr. Jones.” I loved that song so much when I was younger I actually renamed one of my favorite stuffed animals after the song.
[Laughs] Well mine always changes from night to night. I would say that one of my favorite songs to play live is “Miami.” Right now, we’ve actually revamped the song and we’re doing kind of an acoustic version of it, which is really cool, it sounds great except I don’t play on it. And I guess I like “Hard Candy” a lot too because it’s a pretty aggressive song and it’s kind of fun. I get to do my best caveman imitation on that one. All that being said, there’s so many songs that I like and it can really depend on the night

So do you get to catch any actual baseball games during this tour?
You know, we’re all a bunch of sports fans too but that’s the tragedy of this tour. We’re playing when all the teams aren’t around. The whole tour revolves around when the ballparks are empty. I love the ballparks, though, because they all have a vibe, like the audience is right there with you.

Rock N’ Roll Triple Play
Who: Collective Soul, Counting Crows, Live
When: Friday, Aug. 17, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Stadium, 1 Line Dr., Manchester
Tickets: At press time, tickets were still available for $49.50 (plus a $7.10 service charge).
For more information: Music samples and more details on any of the bands are available at: Counting Crows, or; Collective Soul, or; Live, or