August 9, 2007


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Voiceovers, solo albums, PB & bacon
Lisa Loeb is a woman of many interests
By Erica Febre

Thereís only one lady who gets away with wearing tortoiseshell glasses and makes it look good and her name is Lisa Loeb.

Loeb will perform at Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry on Friday, Aug. 17. Most people recall Loebís hit single ďStay (I Missed You),Ē which topped the charts in the mid í90s, but what most people donít know is that Loeb is a full-time business woman who works on many projects at once.

Sheís done cartoon voices, hosted a show on Food Network with ex-boyfriend Dweezil Zappa and even works as a nutrition counselor. Her music career has spanned beyond her first chart-topping single, to include almost 10 album releases, including a few EPs.

Her most recent endeavor in the music world is a childrenís record.

Loeb has a lot going on and not enough time to get it all done. She accepted only a few tour dates this summer in order to allow more time for other projects, such as the new solo album she hopes to release early next year.

While a moving company packs up her belongings and gets ready to move her to a new house, Loeb takes a minute to talk about a few things she likes to spend her time doing.

I canít help ask, but what have you been up to all these years and where have you been hiding?
Iíve been working on a number of different projects. I actually recorded and mixed an entire childrenís record, which will be released next year. Thereís also a project called The Purple Tape ... Iíve been working on the re-release of that album for a while now. We were able to put together a bunch of interviews, special art packaging and remixing and mastering the original record and that should be coming out early next year too. Iím also currently writing a solo record, which is just a Lisa Loeb solo record. And right this moment, as we speak, I actually have six people at my house helping me move. I just sold my house and thatís a little stressful.

You had your own reality TV show, #1 Single, where you were hooked up with dates. Did you find someone that interested you on that show?
I did. I actually met a number of people that interested me. Itís funny, the reason that I did the reality show in the first place ó I was sort of against doing a reality show because everybody knows they can be really scary ó but luckily, I was a part of the production team so we were able to make sure that everything was represented properly in the final edits. And I actually thought that by doing a reality show that I might end up meeting someone. Iíve always been sort of jealous of people that get to have a workplace relationship because my workplace doesnít usually consist of a lot of people. I run my own business so thereís not a lot of people around most of the time, except for me. So I did end up meeting somebody but it didnít end up lasting. Now I have every single person in America and every mother in America trying to set me up.

I heard about your big interest in cooking; you had the show Dweezil & Lisa on Food Network. Any thoughts on starting another cooking show of your own?
I was actually meeting with somebody to talk about possibly hosting a show theyíre trying to put together but I donít know yet if thatís going to happen.

It seems you have a lot of interest in things outside of music as well. What other things interest you?
I do write a lot as part of my songwriting process. I write a lot of things that arenít songs but theyíre not poetry either. Iím not really a poetry person. Iím also interested in a lot of other things like cooking, such as nutrition and physical fitness, that really have nothing at all to do with music. I love doing nutritional counseling with people, helping people figure out how to eat healthy when theyíre traveling so they enjoy their food but still get good nutrition.

So what would be some of your favorite foods?
One of my favorites, and this is really weird, but in New York City I went on a great date when I went to a peanut butter and jelly restaurant. Itís very, like, the common man food. I had the Elvis sandwich, which is peanut butter, bananas, honey and bacon. Iím not really a vegetarian but I primarily focus on vegetables and fish. But every once in a while I gotta have a little bacon and a peanut butter with bacon sandwich, that is some good stuff. The other day I also had some chocolate-covered bacon. I also do a lot of cooking for myself. A lot of the things that I make, I call assembled food ó itís very simple to make, just a lot of vegetable and fish. Or I do secretly healthy things, like just donít use much butter or oil, which lowers the fat, but always in ways that you canít tell itís healthier and it still tastes good.

What do you like most about being in the music business?
Thatís one thing about being a musician is that Iíve gotten to meet so many other musicians that Iím a big fan of, even people that you wouldnít expect, like Alice Cooper, or play golf with random rock musicians. Itís very very fun. Itís a pretty hilarious random group of folks. Like, the other day, I was talking to Fred Durst [of Limp Bizkit] at a record release party and I felt like we had a lot in common, strangely enough. Heís somebody thatís very entrepreneurial, has gotten into a lot of different things beyond music, while heís still very much focused on the music. I just feel like itís important for me to be able to make music, to be inspired to make music and do other projects, whether itís a voice-over for cartoons or whatever. Thereís just a lot of things going on, even things that arenít music-related.

Only hear what you want to
Who: Lisa Loeb; Amber Rubarth opening
When: Friday., Aug. 17, 8 p.m.; tickets cost $45.
Where: Tupelo Music Hall, 2 Young Rd., Londonderry, 888-TUPELO,
For more information: Music samples and more details about Loebís upcoming projects are available at or