May 24, 2007


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‘Royal poet of Manch’
EsBlitz makes his own beats
By Erica Febre

EsBlitz, real name Steve Pierre, is a rapper from Manchester who considers himself a versatile MC.

“I’m not just a rapper, ’cause I do some singing and harmonizing as well. If I were to call myself anything, I would basically just call myself an artist,” EsBlitz said.

EsBlitz stands for “eloquent steve being lyrically in the zone,” a name that he made for himself, along with The Queen City Royal Poet, another moniker EsBlitz commonly uses.

“I didn’t want to call myself the king of Manchester cause I’m not that conceited. I don’t think I’m above anyone else to be calling myself a king. Plus I’m not famous and you ain’t the king of anything unless you’re a king with royalties,” EsBlitz said.

The Brooklyn native, who lived in Haiti, where he was born, for only a month, relocated to New Hampshire at the age of 12.

His appreciation for hip-hop as a form of art stems from several factors in his life, such as other artists he’s worked with and grew up listening to.

“I believe music is for everyone and everyone can like and listen to whatever it is they like. I call myself the royal poet of Manchester ’cause I was one of the first to actually try to put music out there, not just freestyle for friends,” EsBlitz said.

Writing rhymes at a young age, EsBlitz learned right off the bat that filling up a song with curse words wasn’t the way to go. When he came back to pen and paper, he had cleared up his language and expanded his vocabulary.

“It’s not your average rhyme, not your average music. Just the words that I use and the way that I eloquently say things. I’m not inspired by the ’hood life. I’m not gangster. I’m inspired by the essence of life and just being able to put that in music,” EsBlitz said.

EsBlitz started making beats long before he started writing the rhymes and words to go with them.

“I work more off the instruments, along with the beat. My voice works as another instrument and my words adds that touch of poetry. I think I may have been a poet in my past life or something,” EsBlitz said.

In total, EsBlitz said he probably has about 400 songs written. He released his first solo project, Chain Links Represented, in early 2003. Before his solo release EsBlitz was in a group called Chain Links, which featured him, LB and another artist from Manchester, Shadi. EsBlitz followed up his first release with Queen City Royal Poet, Vol. 1, in the summer of 2006.

EsBlitz is a member of Droski Productions. Currently he is working on the release of Queen City Royal Poet, Vol. 2.

Hip-hop here
I’m Thirsty Entertainment, Droski Productions and Impefeckt Music presents EsBlitz, LB, Beneficial, Groove Street and Freddy Laps
When: Friday, May 25, starting at 6 p.m.
Where: American Legion Post #79, 35 W. Brook St., Manchester
For more information: Music samples and more are available at