May 10, 2007


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Taking the party to the people
Sons of Kalal spread the hip-hop message
By Erica Febre

Whether making party music for their friends or doing live performances in front of a packed audience, The Sons of Kalal is a hip-hop group of MCs steadily spreading their lyrics across New England.

“We kind of gathered an underground following without even trying to get a following,” said Nick Freeman, better known as “Bionik” with Sons of Kalal.

Sons of Kalal didn’t start out tying to book local shows. According to Bionik, they were born in their hometown party scene, spitting rhymes at friends’ celebrations to hype up the party. Eventually so many people were coming to parties to check out their skills that they decided to rent a hall and throw their own party, which was their first performance.

“We actually did a few shows like that, where we would just throw our own party. That’s really where we got the sense that what we were doing was worth doing,” Bionik said.

Sons of Kalal is Bionik; Mike Capone, known as “Capone” or “Cap-One,” Matt Freeman, known simply as “Simple,” Eric Russell, known as “Big Worm,” and Marcus Rheaume, known as Mister Six.

Taking the beats is Capone, while Mister Six steps in as the DJ and Bionik, Simple and Big Worm do most of the lyrical expressions on stage.

“We’re a hip-hop act that builds everything from scratch. It’s pretty much all our recording and beats, except for the obvious sampling. Our hooks are really good. Some of them are complicated, some of them are simple, but they all catch your ear,” Bionik said.

Apart from being lyrical masterminds, Bionik also tells a tale of who the Sons of Kalal really are and their mission.

“The Sons of Kalal — Kalal is one of the seven brothers that rules the world, one of the illuminati, the secret group that runs the world, and we all revolted against him. That’s less party stuff and more seriousness,” Bionik said.

“OK, so truthfully we’re just crazy like that. Maybe we just made that up. Sometimes I can’t tell if we’re making stuff up or if it’s real,” Bionik said.

Regardless of truth or tales, the stamp of Sons of Kalal is spreading. They’ve even created their own management company called Live Free or Die Entertainment, which handles everything from promoting to sound systems.

Another “nutty” and quirky side project of Sons of Kalal is a body powder called Squirrel Master that’s used for, ahem, let’s just say, the male performers out there should look into this product.

Sons of Kalal released their self-titled debut album in 2005. Their last album, No Plan B, was released in 2006. They hope to have a new release for this year as well.

Sons of Kalal
Friday, May 11 at Stone Church, starting at 8 p.m.; Thursday, May 17 at Milly’s Tavern, starting at 9 p.m.
Where: Stone Church, 5 Granite St., Newmarket; Milly’s Tavern, 500 Commercial St., Manchester
For more information: Future show dates and music samples are available at or