May 3, 2007


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Pop kids
Hellogoodbye greets New Hampshire
By Erica Febre

Hellogoodbye is the newest of pop creations from California to hit radio airwaves with their debut full-length Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!

Since its August 2006 release the album has sold more than 315,000 copies. It ranked at #13 on Billboard’s Top 200 albums shortly after its release. It also charted at #1 for Independent Album and Internet Album.

For Drive-Thru Records, Hellogoodbye’s label, this was their highest-charting album as of yet.

Hellogoodbye offers up an original slice of retro and electro dance-oriented music with pop-driven choruses and vocals that sway from a light-hearted acoustic to a powerful electrically enhanced aptitude.

Currently Hellogoodbye is on their “Two Months of Spring Break Tour” and they’ll be stopping at Hampton Beach for a performance at the Casino Ballroom.

Hellogoodbye is Forrest Kline, 23, on vocals and guitar; Jesse Kurvink, 21, on keyboard; Marcus Cole, 21, on bass; and Chris Profeta, 19, on drums.

Kline, the original founder of Hellogoodbye, takes a minute to talk about how Hellogoodbye came to be.

Hellogoodbye was kind of like a spur-of-the-moment, get-a-band-together type thing?
Kind of. I did start recording music on the computer before there was a band. So, it started out as just me but it’s kind of like a cross between a solo project and a band. There were a couple opportunities to open for other bands and play parties and stuff so we just got a band together.

What kind of band is Hellogoodbye?
I don’t know — if old people are asking, I’d just say it’s rock music. But it’s kind of poppy, there’s definitely some electronics incorporated. I’m not at all against just using the word pop music either ’cause I think pop music could be any kind of music, in a way.

How long did it take to put the debut album together?
Between getting the band together and releasing the full-length — probably four years. We toured for three years, though, before we actually released the record. We had an EP [Hellogoodbye, 2004] that we toured off for years.

Did you ever expect things to take off as fast as they have?
No, definitely not. When we started the band it wasn’t even a hobby. It was just an occasional little thing. We would play on the weekends, not even every weekend, just like once a month. We’d just jam a little bit and play with our friends.

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re not playing in Hellogoodbye?
Like a lot of people, I go through phases of getting on a kick of listening to specific things a lot. I listen to a lot of E.L.O. [Electric Light Orchestra] and The Beach Boys and stuff like that. I also listen to more dancy stuff, like [Justin] Timberlake and Jamiroquia.

Do you listen to your own music or are you sick of it already?
Nope, not just to listen to it. I mean, after you record it you listen to it a lot just to see how the recording sounds. But I don’t really listen to it just to listen to it. Really the only time I listen to it is side by side, to like listen to it compared to something else — maybe.

What are you gonna do when you get home?
I usually have a list of restaurants that I want to eat at when I get back home. I’m vegan so there’s a lot of places at home that I like to go to. Usually the food at the venues we’re performing at is just something like chips and stuff, so it’s hard for everybody to eat healthy.

They’re pop-y
Who: Hellogoodbye w/ Boys Like Girls, The Hush Sound
When: Friday, May 4, starting at 7:30 p.m.
Where: The Casino Ballroom at Hampton Beach, 169 Ocean Blvd., 929-4100
For more information: To order tickets, go to More information on Hellogoodbye is available at or