April 5, 2007


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The girls can rock
‘Ladies’ play metal
By Erica Febre efebre@hippopress.com

INew England does have a small but loud group of women who represent rock and metal music. Some of those bands will be coming together to perform a female-fronted rock show at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester on Thursday, April 5.

The Ladies of Rock show will include Eternal Embrace from Manchester, Medicine 4 Tim from Massachusetts and Hegira from Laconia.

“I think it’s partly to do with our culture. Girls are either singers or violinists or flute players or something like that. We aren’t taught that being a female rock or metal musician is acceptable for women,” said Eleanor Moyer with Eternal Embrace.

Eternal Embrace is a seven-piece metal-fusion band from Manchester with two female members. Allie “Frost” Casey takes lead vocals with Eternal Embrace. Other members of Eternal Embrace include Eirik Moyer on guitar, Randy Mann on bass, Bill Hamel on percussions, Mat Mills on vocals, and Sho Chang on violin.

“Fusion is all blending of all different kinds of music. It could also be described as world metal, ’cause we’re encompassing all aspects of metal music. It also makes us appeal to a wider audience, ’cause we have a little bit of everything to offer,” Eleanor said.

Eternal Embrace has been a part of the local metal community for three years now and although they don’t consider themselves as hardcore as some of the bands in the area, they do believe that what they’re offering is something that no one else is offering.

Eternal Embrace has a sound that’s gothic and eerie, like the sound of an organ’s reverb off a cathedral ceiling. While most metal bands are singing about death and darkness, Eternal Embrace is singing about the power of emotion and tells a theatrical and poetical story based around characters — like listening to a modern-day opera, but without a visual stage aspect.

Medicine 4 Tim steps in with a heavy and hardcore dose of what they define as “female-fronted power rage rock.”

“Artistically, I feel like I’ve always been put into a little box. So I have so much pent-up rage and it comes out when I’m on stage,” said Debbie “Dangerous” Gerbick with Medicine 4 Tim.

Gerbick comes from a former all-female band that she unfortunately had to part ways with. However, she believes that it was the experience of that last junction that gave her the energy and rage that she now brings to the stage with Medicine 4 Tim.

“I think it’s really important for women to grow some confidence and get into the field — just get out there. We shouldn’t let others intimidate us and tell us we can’t do it. The truth is, if you have the gut feeling to go ahead and do it, then it can be done,” Gerbick said.

Medicine 4 Tim is Gerbick on lead vocals, Eric Meaney on bass, Tony Turner on guitar and backup vocals, Herb Glynn on guitar and bagpipes, and Tim MacMaster on drums and bagpipes.

Although Gerbick is leery about wearing special outfits on stage because she feels draws attention away from the music.

“That’s really just one of the things where being a girl comes into play. People don’t respond to me as well when I’m up there looking pretty,” Gerbick said.

Rock girls
What: That’s Ok Productions presents Ladies of Hard Rock and Metal
Who: Eternal Embrace, Medicine 4 Tim, Hegira
When: Thursday, April 5; doors open at 9 p.m.; cost $10 for 18+, $5 21 and up
Where: Milly’s Tavern, 500 Commercial St., Manchester
For more information: Go to the band profiles at: Eternal Embrace – eternalembracemetal.com; Medicine 4 Tim – myspace.com/medicine4tim; Hegira – myspace.com/hegira.