March 8, 2007


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Helping out Rev. Cannibal Chicken
Metal musician and his friends fight back against high medical bills
By Erica Febre

When things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse, A.J. Daw, known as Rev. Cannibal Chicken with his band Habitual Offendaz, learned that he might be losing his longtime home as well.

A.J., who has congestive heart failure, is the lead singer with Habitual Offendaz, a hardcore slash metal band based in Candia.

He hasn’t been able to work for months — doctor’s orders. And, in a few months, he may be ordered to stop performing with his band altogether, depending on whether or not he ends up with a pacemaker.

“The state only pays for so much of the medicine. The house bills are too much to handle and now they can’t afford to keep the house,” said Richard Quinntale, known as Evil Quinn, or just Quinn for short. Quinntale plays bass with Habitaul Offendaz.

“His mother, we call her ‘Momma Monk’ had to make a choice: medication for her sick son with congestive heart failure or pay the bills. Obviously she chose to help her son,” Quinntale said.

A.J. has been living back home with his mother, Diane Daw, in the house built by his grandfather, since he found out he was sick. Now Diane finds that she can’t afford to keep up with payments on the house as well as provide her son with medication.

“We call Diane ‘Monk’ after the show The Monk. She’s exactly like that. Everything has to be perfectly put away and weird stuff like that. But she’s like our den mother. We all grew up in the house just as much as A.J.,” Quinntale said.

At the end of the month, there will be a foreclosure on Diane’s house. The house will be auctioned off to make up for money owed to the bank, unless she can come up with the next payment.

“She doesn’t deserve to lose the home her own father built. So we are asking for help from anyone who can find it in their hearts to help out an old woman and fellow musician. Spare some money to help them save their home,” Quinntale said.

There will be a benefit show called “Monk Aid” that will take place on Sunday, March 11. Quinntale said even $10 to $20 donated would really help. Quinntale has started The Monk Fund and hopes to raise enough money to help keep the Daws in their home.

“Even if it just postpones it for a little while,” Quinntale said. “There are a lot of good memories in that house, for his family and all of us. That was our original jam room so it is sentimental, even in that way.”

Habitual Offendaz will perform at the benefit show, along with HevyDed, a hard rock band; Tuna Town Trio, a hardcore punk metal band; Joe Mazzari, an old-school punk and rockabilly solo performer; Dark Minions, a metal band; and The Shadow’s Smile, a goth metal band.

For Rev. Cannibal
What: Monk Aid benefit show
Who: Habitual Offendaz, HevyDed, Tuna Town Trio, Joe Mazzari, Dark Minions and The Shadow’s Smile
When: Sunday, March 11, from 2 to 8 p.m.; 21 and up only, $7.