March 1, 2007


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Filth gets around
Drummer has sticks, will travel
By Erica Febre

There is one sure way to make a full-time living as a musician and drummer. Justin Pacy, 29, of Manchester, has figured it out.

Pacy, also known as ďFilth,Ē moved to Manchester from Massachusetts more than three years ago for what he saw at the time as a thriving music scene. Heís been playing the drums pretty much his whole life and playing in bands since the age of 12.

Now, he finds himself a member of seven different bands. Itís like living out his childhood dream.

ďWhen I was younger, my parents were super supportive and they just let me play. The neighbors probably always hated us. Now, I kind of just feel like a big kid. Like, I donít really work. This is what I do. I play my drums and I make a good living doing it,Ē Pacy said.

How would you describe yourself as a drummer?
Iím a drum whoreÖ. I play with so many different bands. I can get a call for any gig. I know so many songs. I just listen to it and I can play it. Iím very versatile.

What are the seven bands that you play with?
Vegas Temper, Shoeless Joe, The Chad LaMarsh Band, The 3 Idiots (Boston), the Tuesday night karaoke band at the Black Brimmer (or See You Next Tuesday, but weíre not sure about going with that anymore), The Jay Marr Trio and Second Chance.

Theyíre mostly cover bands, except for Vegas Temper. Vegas Temper is like the original version of Shoeless Joe. Itís straightforward hard rock. What I play with Second Chance is stuff like Counting Crows and John Mayer ó real chill stuff.

The other bands are pretty much hard rock. And Chad LaMarsh has a good mix of pop and rock.

How did you end up playing with all these different bands?
Well, just being friends with people who are friends with people, pretty much. I donít know. It is weird. I guess I just fell into the right group of guys. There are a lot of guys that do acoustic trio and solo shows and it just sounds good to add drums. I just keep myself busy and book as many shows as possible. Every gig I book, I meet someone else and get another gig out of it.

Do you gig every night of the week?
I typically play, on average, four nights a week. Most of the time, I actually play five nights a week. But Iím playing my drums every day, seven days a week. Every night that I am off, Iím still rehearsing.

My calendar can get pretty crazy, though. Sometimes Iíll play six nights in a row. Sometimes even seven, but rarely. Itís different every month.

Do you prefer to play your original material?
Sometimes it can be tough to take a Saturday gig with Vegas Temper, our original band. If you think about it, you gotta drive so far and pay at least two hundred dollars on food and gas. Or, I could play in Manchester instead, make $200 ó itís good and bad.

Thereís just way more places for cover bands to play and you make more money. You can seriously make a living playing cover tunes, playing other peopleís music. People just want to listen to cover music.

How long have you been with these bands?
Iíve been with Vegas Temper for more than three years; Shoeless Joe, the same, three and a half years; The Chad LaMarsh Band, eight months; 3 Idiots, since last September and the rest of them pretty much the same thing, six or seven months.

All these guys that I play with are so very cool. I mean, thereís really no ďband egosĒ at all. Weíre all friends and everybodyís ready to do fill-in gigs for each other ó just try to help each other make music.

Iíve filled in for other bands for fun, or just to help someone out, without even getting paid.

See Filth
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