February 8, 2007


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Rocking you acoustically
Taken By Chance goes for a softer sound
By Erica Febre efebre@hippopress.com

Just when it seems that hardcore rock and metal bands have taken charge of the original music scene, Taken By Chance steps out to remind listeners that rock music can still sound good unplugged.

“You can go out in town just about any night and hear some screaming band, while there’s only a handful of bands that are easy listening and you can actually understand the lyrics,” said Keegan Heavey with Taken By Chance.

Taken By Chance is Keegan on drums, Kyle Heavey (Keegan’s younger brother) on bass and Ryan LaPerle on vocals and guitar.

“A lot of the songs are catchy. Sometimes it’s more drum-based, sometimes more guitar-driven. The music has this acoustic rock feel, with maybe a bit of pop elements,” LaPerle said.

For the first year, Taken By Chance had a difficult time finding a bass player that could fit their style. So, Keegan and LaPerle spent the first year just practicing and getting material together.

Keegan said it was because of the huge hard rock scene that they had a hard time finding a bass player. All the bassists wanted to play something harder, or they wanted to do the straight classic rock, as opposed to the leisure and acoustic rock style of Taken By Chance.

“Manchester is also probably one of the worst places for original bands. You go out and you hear classic rock cover bands everywhere, or you hear the hardcore rock,” Keegan said.

It’s been tough to make headway. But, after the first year of practice, they invited Kyle to take bass.

With original material, there’s always the chance that the audience won’t recognize and react to an original song like they would to a cover.

The best way, really the only way for an original band to warm up to a crowd, is to throw in a cover song they can identify.

“They can sing along and dance to a cover tune that they know. The hope is that the next time they come to a show, they’ll also recognize some of our original material,” LaPerle said.

Taken By Chance has about a dozen original tunes and works with an array of cover material, from Pearl Jam to Neal Diamond and Jimmy Eat World.

Another aspect of the band, LaPerle points out, is that their music is available for audiences of all ages. The music is never too loud for the older crowd or inappropriate for the underage crowd.

Taken by Chance
When: Saturday, Feb. 10, 8 p.m.
Where: Piccola’s Upstairs Lounge, 815 Elm St., Manchester
For more information: Listen to original tracks and get more performance dates at myspace.com/takenbychancemusic