November 23, 2006


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Brimmer goes Supernova-ish
Josh Logan tries out the judges chair at Rock Star Manch Vegas
By Erica Febre

When local musician Josh Logan tried to join supergroup Supernova in the CBS show Rock Star: Supernova this summer, lots of Manchester-area fans cheered him on.

Now, Logan (who was kicked off the show after a good run) gets to try out the judges chair in Rock Star ManchVegas, a singing competition at the Black Brimmer. Contestants came from all over New Hampshire to audition on recent Tuesdays. Logan shared the judges’ panel with Kirk Wilson and Gilby Clark.

For some contestants this contest was as real as an audition for a record label, while for others it was no more than a karaoke contest or talent show.

With radio station Rock 101’s afternoon guy, Scorch, emceeing the auditions, the contestants were asked to list five songs they would want to perform. Most contestants didn’t actually get to go with their first choice, and some were stuck performing the same song as previous contestants.

“We didn’t really know what to expect, but it was fun. The only thing was, when you’re up there on the stage, you really can’t hear yourself sing. I think a lot of people were overdoing it just because they couldn’t hear themselves and ended up coming across much worse than if they had been able to hear what they sounded like,” said Rachel Pierce.

Pierce and Jeff Blackwell normally perform together as an acoustic duo. Both came to compete in the competition at the Black Brimmer and both felt that the equipment didn’t help anyone in this competition.

Even the judges and the emcee on several occasions would comment that you couldn’t hear anything from the stage, with the speakers pointing out into the audience. During some acts, the microphone would also cut out, making it appear as if contestants were only lip-syncing.

Despite the mechanical malfunctions, the contestants took the judges’ comments as constructive criticism, even though they could barely hear the remarks. The judges too, seemed to be honest with their remarks, giving each contestant an individual evaluation.

Logan commented to one contestant who sang “Rebel Yell,” by Billy Idol, “I’m not saying you can’t do a good job. I’m just saying that wasn’t a good song for you.” Wilson continued to comment, “You really gotta hit the notes, cause that’s what you’re lacking.”

Leave it up to the judges to pick the top 20 contestants who will continue with the Black Brimmer’s contest. After that, it’s up to the audience to decide who will be the winner.

Only one contestant can be the Manch Vegas Rockstar. That person will receive two airlines tickets, a cash prize and a promotional package which includes a makeover, a photo shoot and studio time.

Wanna be a Rock Star?
Vote for your favorite Rock Star at the Black Brimmer, 1087 Elm St. in Manchester, 669-5523, The contest will run every Tuesday, with finals held on Dec. 12.