November 16, 2006


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'Dynamic pop rock'
Fly Upright Kite makes their own musical genre
By Erica Febre

For Fly Upright Kite, sharing the stage with two or more bands isn't just about filling a night, it's about finding a niche.

"A lot of bands that we play with, not that it's a bad thing 'cause there are some pretty good bands that are very loud and in your face all the time, but there aren't a lot of rock bands that are comfortable with playing slow and softer songs," said Liam McCormack with Fly Upright Kite, a Boston-based band.

"We rock but we bring it down too. We play the slower songs too with slower tempos. That contrast in a live show really grabs people's attention. When you don't have a million things going on, that's when people really get the chance to listen and focus on the lyrics and the melody. It really allows us to connect with the audience, and vice versa," he said.

During the two years since their formation, Fly Upright Kite has primarily been playing in the Boston scene, but they are finding more shows outside the 617 area code. McCormack said they find, with their ambient type of pop-rock/ indie rock, there seems to be a stronger calling in southern New Hampshire.

Fly Upright Kite features five members — Holland Dieringer on violin, Jarred Grant on drums, Brian Guilmette on guitar, Asad Rahman on vocals and guitar, and McCormack on bass and vocals.

A five-track EP, Every Breathing Moment, was released in April. Finding a genre to fit into doesn't come easy for this group, so they've leaned toward creating their own. From melodic and dynamic pop-rock to indie power pop, Fly Upright Kite comes across as a conglomerate of many genres, with driving and catchy choruses and groovy, melodic instrumentals.

"The other day I used the term 'dynamic pop rock.' Dynamic is a good word for us. We actually created a new genre for ourselves called dreamo. The word dream combined with emo, cause we've got the ambient thing happening with the slower songs, kind of a dreamy feel if you will," McCormack said.

Fly Upright Kite brings with them to New Hampshire Lannen Fall, another pop rock band with catchy tunes that they've played with on several other occasions.

Fly at SNHU
Fly Upright Kite and Lannen Fall will play at Southern New Hampshire University's The Last Chapter Pub on Friday, Nov. 17. The Last Chapter Pub is located on the college campus at 2500 N. River Road in Manchester. Every Breathing Moment is available for order at For more information on Fly Upright Kite, go to For more information on Lannenfall, go to

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