November 9, 2006


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Whole lotta drama
Squad of DJs spin all over NH
By Erica Febre

The Drama Squad is an entertainment company featuring almost a dozen DJs spinning the hottest dance blends, each with hisown mix of today’s rap and hip-hop, R&B, reggae and reggaeton.

“The whole Drama Squad thing — we go to a lot of clubs and see a lot of different negative drama, between couples and just people that don’t even know each other. We’re about bringing the positive drama with the music. Get people dancing and having a good time, you know. Keep fueling a positive energy, a positive drama,” DJ Biggie said.

Founded by two New England locals — DJ Biggie (Mike Cayer) and DJ SugaShane (Shane Staples) — Drama Squad is manned with Biggie, SugaShane and DJ Eric G from New Hampshire; DJ Thunder from Maine; DJ Spinelli, DJ Johnny G, DJ Mr. Rea and DJ Shawn from Massachusetts; DJ DeToTo from Ohio, and DJ Punzo from Pennsylvania.

Drama Squad has had live hype drops done with Fat Man Scoop, one of the top remix hype artists of hip-hop. Even Lil’ John, known as the “King of Crunk” and southern hip-hop, has come through to drop down with Drama Squad. A drop is normally the introduction to a DJ’s remix. Its purpose is to hype up the DJ and squad’s intro.

“I try to do more than just the average mainstream music. But I’m known more for hip-hop and reggae. I like to drop some stuff like Al Green, or some old-school samples from the Jackson 5 or Aretha Franklin,” DJ SugaShane said.

Drama Squad plans to release another remix CD sometime mid next year.

“When a DJ does a remix, like a blend with Eminem instrumentals and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexyback’ a capella back track, if it’s hot and good quality, even if it isn’t a Drama Squad DJ, we’ll put it up on the site,” DJ Biggie said.

DeToTo with Drama Squad recently did some mixes for the Ohio State Buckeye football team. The mix was picked up by radio stations across Ohio, getting such a good response that Drama Squad was asked to record another hype mix for the game on Saturday, Nov. 18, against Michigan. Drama Squad is also working on offering a hype mix for the UNH Wildcats football team.

“It can be hard trying to work just the New Hampshire market. There are so many DJs that will work for peanuts and it really hurts the market. We’re trying to recruit DJs from all across the globe,” DJ SugaShane said.

“We’re just local people having fun with it and broadening our horizons. Some of our DJs have scored higher than some of the big-name DJs out there. That’s pretty good. I’d like to see every club in the area have a Drama Squad DJ at least one night a week,” said DJ Biggie.

In Manchester, the Drama Squad takes Milly’s Tavern on Wednesday nights with DJ Spinelli; Club 313 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night with Dj SugaShane, DJ Biggie and DJ Bob; and Electra with DJ. Mr. Rae.

“Along with being a DJ, I’m also a music lover. So I take pride in the way that I present my music to people, whether it’s at a party or a nightclub, or if it’s a mix show on the radio,” DJ Spinelli said.

Drama Squad books the Portsmouth Gaslight with DJ Biggie and SugaShane. SugaShane also has residency at the Embassy in Boston on Saturday nights. They’ll also be taking Carnivale Friday nights at Mojito’s, a new club in Dover.

The Drama
Most Drama Squad mixes are available for sampling and downloading online. For more information about the Drama Squad and links to the DJs, go to