October 12, 2006


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Bloody rock band
Terror in the Midnight Sun brings a horror movie feel to the stage
By Erica Febre efebre@hippopress.com

From the audience, it looks like the members of Terror in the Midnight Sun are covered in blood.

But donít fret ó itís only paint.

Making a painted mess out of themselves, and sometimes the audience, is just part of the fun for the band members whose stage presence is as strong and slightly macabre as their music.

ďIt does have a comedic aspect to it. You might laugh to some of it. Itís a little twisted but itís all in good fun. Our first song we ever wrote was called ĎSex with Your Caveman Wife,í if that gives you an idea. We just like to keep it funny and interesting,Ē said band member Lindsay Champagne.

Terror in the Midnight Sunís complete line up is Champagne on drums, Alardice Mistrudani on lead vocals, Paul Pierce on guitar and vocals and Doug Christian on bass.

If the strong drum beats, interrupted by strange guitar lines and haunting vocals, arenít enough to draw interest, check out the rocking chick behind the drums.

ďSheís better than most guys,Ē Pierce said.

Champagne and Pierce actually switched roles. Pierce played drums until Champagne happened to get a drum set of her own. On occasion, Champagne can be found playing in nothing but her undergarments, lavished with paint and some electrical tape.

ďWe try to bring the fun everywhere with us. The music is really high energy so itís about getting people into it as well as getting into it ourselves. Itís very quirky and spastic, kind of all over the place, rhythm-wise. We donít really stick to one style. We donít limit ourselves, or have any plan or rules of writing music. We just kind of see what happens and throw it all together,Ē Champagne said.

Formed in the early part of 2006, Terror in the Midnight Sun describes themselves as a hardcore rock band with shades of punk. Finding a venue that fulfills their requirements ó an all-ages crowd, for one ó is difficult but not disheartening. Occasionally, Terror in the Midnight Sun uses their practice space at the Varick building in Manchester as a stage for an all-ages performance.

ďThe music is kind of like a B-movie, just constant horror and scary stuff. We write songs without keeping in mind whether itíll get played on the radio, or people wonít like this. Itís straight out of our imagination. Theyíre all really a lot of stories or tales. Itís nothing that could even be considered reality,Ē Mistrudani said.

Strange Happenings
Feel the Terror live. They will list upcoming performances on myspace.com/terrorinthemidnightsun.