September 28, 2006


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Meet the Tides
Band is awash in electronic sound
By Erica Febre

Tides is a Boston-based pop rock band whose songs are full of electric guitars, soaring vocals and electronic keyboard.

Five members make up Tides: Matt Benjamin on bass; Andrew English with lead vocals and guitar; Eric Michaud on drums; Dan Robinson with backing vocals and guitar, and Andrew Sutherland on keyboard, backing vocals and aux percussion.

“We’ve give ourselves a really strong presence as the sound of Tides. When people get to listen to our new CD, or come to a live show now, they’re going to recognize the sound of Tides; they’ll say, ‘It sounds a little like this, a little like that,’ but musically I think its going to be like nothing they’ve ever heard before,” Robinson said.

With an already established following in the Boston area, Tides is stretching its sound north and south, from New Hampshire to New York and everywhere in between, offering music that can be described as Coldplay with a little more edge, a little bit heavier and vocals that are a little more energetic, standing out over the music itself.

“There are a lot of awesome bands in Boston but a lot of times it seems like you can say, ‘OK, that’s cool. It sounds like band A or these guys sound like band B. We come from a lot of different backgrounds, with a Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead type sound, even a little more of a ’70s rock sound. We kind of mesh all that together,” Robinson said.

The debut album, Keep It a Secret, a five-track EP, introduced Tides to audiences in 2004. Tides will follow with, a six-track EP, to be released in early 2007. Fans will get a taste of the new sounds of Tides at any of their upcoming shows, where they’ll showcase some of the new tracks they’ve been working on.

“Obviously we write how we’re feeling, like any artist, but we also like to write in a sense where we can connect with as many people as possible. We try to write about things that every person feels emotionally on a day-to-day basis or within the span of their lifetime the things that the general public or a mass amount of people can relate to,” Robinson said.

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Catch the Tides
On Thursday, Sept. 28, the Tides will play Milly’s Tavern, 500 Commercial St., Manchester. Also scheduled for that bill are Parker House and Theory, another Boston-based band. For more information on the band Tides, visit the Web site at or