August 31, 2006


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Staind wants its due
Lewis says band’s going strong but wants recognition
By Erica Febre

From being homeless on Hampton Beach for three summers to selling more than 13 million records, Staind keeps steady with their fifth album, Chapter V, released in June 2005.

The group has been on a continuous tour since the album’s release.

Aaron Lewis, lead vocalist and lyricist, said in a phone interview that their record sales have not helped the multi-platinum, Massachusetts-based rock band to impress the music critics.

“We got a VH1 My Music Award a couple of years ago for the song, ‘It’s Been Awhile’ and the category was, ‘Your song kicked ass but it got played too damn much.’ I don’t even know what to think of that. That was my moment of bitterness. It seemed like they were making a joke at our expense,” Lewis said.

Awards and fame have never been the focus of Staind, according to Lewis, who said that he only wishes that credit would be given where it’s due.

“I think that there should be a stipulation in the music industry. Like when a song wins a Grammy or whatever, the person who wrote the song should be getting the credit, so people will start seeing that these people they think are these amazing musicians and songwriters aren’t even writing their own stuff,” he said.

Lewis admits that it’s nice still being able to go out in public and not be bombarded by masses of screaming fans, but at the same time he said that a little recognition for their talent as musicians and songwriters wouldn’t hurt the band’s ego.

“There are bands and people that have sold a hell of a lot less records than we have and are a hell of a lot more famous, but yet we’ve never had that happen to us. It just seems that the powers that be pick a handful of bands, whether or not they’re the best bands, and those are the bands that they’re gonna support and stuff down your throat and play between every commercial break,” Lewis said.

Staind had topped the charts with hit singles such as “It’s been Awhile,” “Just Go,” “Mudshovel” and “Home.” Lewis describes Chapter V as their best album yet.

“There is 10 years worth of playing out, playing live, writing songs, just doing what we do and learning how to do what we do a lot better. This record is the best record that we’ve made yet, as it should be. Once I stop feeling like that, from record to record, that’s probably when we, as a band, will probably stop doing what we do,” Lewis said.

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Staind will perform at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, (169 Ocean Boulevard, 929-4100) on Sunday, Sept. 3. To find more tour dates for Staind, go to