August 17, 2006


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Get into garage
DJ 9ine brings UK sound to Manchester west
By Erica Febre

Hip-hop, techno and house music meld to create garage music.

The garage music scene promotes a vibrancy in beats and rhythm that allows those who listen to dance the night away, without missing a beat or taking even a slight pause.

ďItís a genre of dance music. You have techno, you have house, you have drum and bass and then you have garage music. Itís a four-four beat, taking that house beat and just turning it up a bit. In a sense, itís kinda like a version of hip hop from England. Itís danceable,Ē said Christopher Charles, better know as DJ 9ine at garage events.

Along with the help of friend and DJ, Kyle Pointe, better known as DJ Frydae, Charles traveled from New York to Los Angeles exposing new fans to the sounds of garage. Now, heís turned his attention to New England.

In early July, Charles brought the first garage night to Manchester. He admits it wasnít very popular at first, but thinks thatís because most people donít know what garage music is about. But lately, the music has been drawing more people to the scene.

ďGarage music is something that New England has been out of the loop with for so long. Most people just havenít heard the music yet, so they donít know if theyíre going to like it or not until they hear it. Its time for us to bring it back. Itís good music that hasnít been played for a while,Ē Charles said.

Although many of the beats are hip-hop beats and the DJ will play tunes from Mariah Carey and Usher, Charles insists itís not hip-hop music but has the ability to cater to two different crowds ó those who like to dance and those who like to hear the beats.

Charles has brought his garage beats to Nashua and parts of northern Massachusetts and on Thursday, Aug. 17, he will bring garage night back to the Empire Lounge, 140 Queen City Ave., Manchester. He is even looking to travel to Brighton, England, to lay down the garage beats in the land where the sound was created.

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DJ 9ine
DJ 9ine brings the underground music scene back to New England. For more information on Garage Nights, check out the website at The next garage event will be held on Thursday, Aug. 17, at the Empire Lounge located at 140 Queen City Avenues in Manchester. Call 666-0901 for more information