August 10, 2006


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Crazy Jane, hard workers
Nashua band keeps plugging away
By Erica Febre

If William Butler Yeats could hear the sounds of Crazy Jane, a Nashua band that draws its name from his poem “Crazy Jane on the Mountain,” his reaction to the alternative classic rock band might be worth more than all of his poetry collections.

“It’s funny. We are constantly trying to define the music. Some of it’s alternative. Some of it’s classic rock. I would say it’s alternative rock with a little something else. If you ask the heavy metal guy, we’re not metal. If you ask the classic rock guy, we’re not classic, so it can be kinda hard to define,” said Paul Miller, drummer, producer and engineer manager for Crazy Jane.

Maybe Yeats would be able to figure out their genre.

Crazy Jane is made up of three musicians: Miller; bass player and backup vocalist Corey Pafford; and singer and guitarist Chris Enus. Miller said there was another guitarist that left the band after realizing it was too much work. Crazy Jane has been very busy since then too, recording their debut album, and they will be performing at Locobazooka at the Tweeter Center on August 13.

Crazy Jane has just finished the production of their debut CD, mostly recorded in Miller’s studio, Machion Studio, in Nashua. Three of the tracks were recorded in the famed multimillion-dollar Bennett Studio with Dae Bennett, where artists from Queen Latifah to Elvis Costello have laid down tracks. Bennett Studios has been granted eight Grammys for its studio recordings.

The Tweeter Center will be a big stepping stone for Crazy Jane considering they will take the same stage as Alice in Chains, a band they have been compared to, Miller said. All coming from previous bands, the members of Crazy Jane have a goal to get signed and hope that a record executive will pick up their tunes at the Tweeter Center

“We’ve all been in other bands but none of them were anything big. They were all stuck in, what you would call, studio mode, spending all their time in a studio working things out but never getting out to actually play. We decided early on that we were going to go for the gigs first and then go to the studio,” Miller said.

They don’t depend on that record deal coming through, though, and all have a day job as well. Miller said he doesn’t feel that the big record deals are still out there and most musicians are only making a fraction of what they are actually worth. One step at a time though, book the gigs and go from there. So far, this motto has worked for Crazy Jane.

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But that's how it goes
Check Crazy Jane on the Web at or

They will play at Locobazooka at the Tweeter Center on August 13 sharing the stage with Alice in Chains, Buckcherry, Powerman 5000 and Days of the New