August 10, 2006


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Jaime’s musical experiment
Vocalist tries on styles
By Erica Febre

For someone who already studies and loves music, getting the chance to experiment with it can be very gratifying. Jaime Taylor, a musician from Derry, was excited when she collaborated on a self-titled EP, Jaime Taylor, with David Sumner of DSM Productions based in Salem.

“He came up to me one night when I was singing karaoke and asked me if I had ever done any recording. Then a few months later, he contacted me about working on this project. It’s just great to be able to collaborate with someone like that. He’s been in music for some amount of time and it’s always been a goal of mine,” Taylor said.

The experiment went so well that Taylor and Sumner are collaborating again on a duet for a compilation CD. Taylor seems grateful enough just for having the opportunity to record music and her gratitude continues through the lyrics of her songs. “Mamas Love,” tells of the strong relationship Taylor has with her mother.

“I brought it to my mother as soon as I had it recorded. Of course she cried, but she cries when she hears any of my songs. I write about things that relate to me, not just words that rhyme and sound good,” Taylor said.

She credits both sides of her family for the encouragement and support, which she says nurtured the growth of her background in music. Taylor’s talent continued to grow during her years with a college choir and with the help of a music and vocals professor.

Before that Taylor had focused more on instrumentals. She played the flute for 14 years, experimented with the saxophone and clarinet for about two years, played the piano for more than five years and studied percussion.

“I’ve just always enjoyed music and have always had an ear for it. I’m the type of person that can express something much better through words than actually telling it to someone. It’s definitely played a part in my music abilities,” Taylor said.

Taylor describes her personal vocal style as jazzy blues but on the EP she experiments with soft rock, which she says is not her usual style.

“David already had the music composed and was looking to have some lyrics. Next time around, we’ll be starting from scratch. So I should be able to put more of my own style into it,” Taylor said.

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Meet Jaime
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