June 15, 2005


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Christian rock is how we roll
The Revolution show brings Christian rock to local airwaves and stages
By Richie Victorino  rvictorino@hippopress.com

Christians know how to rock.

Just ask Ryan Shaughnessy and Ben Pease, two local 20-something Christians who are hoping to prove how cool Christianity can be.

"Being a Christian doesn't mean you're a dork," Pease said. "You can have just as much fun as everyone else."

But still, Christianity is often labeled (usually by younger folks) as not being cool. People have their misconceptions of what "type"of people are faithful Christians. Many people wouldn't assume Pease is a faithful Christian, just by his appearance; he doesn't wear shirts and ties all the time. He doesn't shove the cross in your face. In a t-shirt, baseball cap and a goatee, Pease comes across as a typical guy, which he is. He was brought up a Christian but became a teenager; he got into trouble and veered away from his faith.
But becoming a father changed his life. He started paying attention to the world after his child was born. He started paying attention to the lyrics in songs, fearing how his children would be shaped by the music they hear.

Shaughnessy agrees. He started the Revolution Show three years ago to offer people an alternative to what's often heard on "secular radio," as he and Pease refer to other stations.

What's often heard on secular radio is vulgarity, anger and demeaning references toward certain people, often women.

The Revolution radio show is Christian based, meaning Christian bands are played on the show. Christian music isn't, however, church choirs and massive organs. It is rock 'n' roll. It is hip-hop. Often times it is people screaming (like Demon Hunter) "Their music often has parents up in arms," said Pease. "But I tell them, if your kids listen to this music anyways, what's better, that they listen to this or what's on secular radio?"

And just because music is labeled Christian, doesn't mean it's filled with preaches and Jesus-isms.

"Songs could be about breaking up with someone," Pease gave as an example. "It's not always spiritual. But it is something you can buy your kids. And you can walk away without having to worry about what your kids are being fed."

This is what drives Pease and Shaughnessy to do what they do.

"Our show is radical. It is an alternative," Shaughnessy said. "Often times you can't tell the difference between Rock 101, [W]FNX and our show, except when you pay attention to the words and what we're talking about."

In fact, Shaughnessy's goal is to get The Revolution Show onto Rock 101 one day.

Shaughnessy is the creator of The Revolution Show. Pease joined a year ago after hearing the station on his car radio.

"I told my wife that I couldn't believe we found a Christian radio show," Pease said. "I was giving her high fives."

Pease immediately signed on to help Shaughnessy as often as possible; now he is a DJ and handles marketing while Shaughnessy is the producer, and a DJ.

Summer Kickoff '06
Summer Kickoff '06 is the first summer kickoff event The Revolution Show has organized. It's a rock show aimed to let kids celebrate the end of the school year. It also serves as a way to get people to know more about The Revolution Show.

Pease and Shaughnessy "stepped out on faith"for the event, and threw down $8,000 to put this show on.

By the looks of it their faith worked; they should at least break even if not make money off the show. Any money made will go toward next year's summer kickoff event.

The featured artists really do well to represent all forms of music:

John Reuben: hip-hop artist with live musicians — listen to him at www.myspace.com/johnreuben

EleventySeven: rock — listen to them at www.myspace.com/elevenetyseven

Dizmas: hard rock — (they're driving to New Hampshire from California for the show) – listen to them at www.myspace.com/dizmas

Life of a Hero: rock — these guys are from right here, Manchester, N.H. – listen to them at www.myspace.com/lifeofahero.

Comments? Thoughts? Discuss this article and more at hippoflea.com

Talkin' bout the Revolution
The radio show: The Revolution Show airs on WLMW 90.7 FM (Manchester/Auburn) from 7 to 10 p.m. on Friday nights, and on WVNH 91.1 FM (Concord) from 8 to 10 p.m. on Saturday nights.
For more on The Revolution Show, go to www.revolutionshow.org or go to www.myspace.com/revolutionshow.