May 25, 2006


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Sky Show pays tribute to rock and roll
15th annual Sky Show hopes to attract all walks of life
By Richie Victorino

Never in your lifetime will you get the chance to see Led Zeppelin, Green Day and Aerosmith perform at the same show, on the same day, at no cost to yourself.

And, technically speaking, you won’t get that chance at this year’s WGIR Rock 101 Sky Show, although you’ll come damn close to it.

The 15th anniversary of the Sky Show takes place this Sunday, May 28, at Arms Park. Instead of bringing in big-name acts (like Slaughter and Skid Row, both of which performed last year), organizers opted to think locally.

“Last year we did all nationals and nothing local,” said Alex James, Rock 101’s program director. “This year we’re doing no nationals, but a tribute to nationals with local guys.”

Dollars had a bit to do with the change from last year’s lineup.

“We have budgets to hit … and a free show isn’t cheap to put together,” James said.

But bringing in smaller, local bands is also an attempt to broaden the Sky Show’s appeal, making it more family-friendly; last year, for example, there were plenty of women showing off their assets, as well as plenty of mosh pits, airborne objects and the occasional head-butting.

“We want families to come down, we want teenagers to come down,” said WGIR’s Sara Anderson. “We just want to have that variety and that’s what we’ve got.”

Green Day, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and a whole bunch of covers
This year you can hear the music you’d hear on Rock 101 by highly acclaimed tribute bands.

Draw the Line: Boston-based Draw the Line is the only tribute band featured on the official Aersomith Web site and has celebrated a 15-year career (hey, just like the Sky Show). Lead singer Neill Byrnes won a Steven Tyler look-alike contest, and supposedly, Tyler’s daughter, model Mia Tallarico, once told her father “I can’t believe how much they looked and sounded just like you.”

Basket Case: Basket Case hails from Long Island. They dub themselves “The Ultimate Green Day Tribute Band,” and vow to cover all the big hits of Green Day, as well as obscure songs. One difference between Green Day and Basket Case is Green Day has, officially, three members while Basket Case has four.

Kashmir: Kashmir, a Led Zeppelin tribute band, is fronted by Jean Violet. The band’s goal is to make Zeppelins fan feel like they are getting as close as they can to a live Led Zeppelin show.

Camarojuana: Camarojuana is a tribute to hair metal. Their brand of hair metal music is, as they put it, “aimed at the new millennium.” They play energetic cover songs (including Judas Priest’s “You’ve Got another Thing Coming” and Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood”) with great accuracy and passion.

Guys who play on junk
Goffstown’s very own Recycled Percussion performs its Junk Rock this year. Junk Rock is just as it sounds, rock and roll created by a bunch of junk. But one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and Recycled Percussion (think Stomp meets Blue Man Group meets some really cool DJ) have found its treasure. They use ladders, saws, cans, tubes and more, and are accompanied by the very talented DJ Dirty Soul.

Rob Greene contributed to this story.

Comments? Thoughts? Discuss this article and more at

Up in the sky
The 15th WGIR Rock 101 Sky Show takes place this Sunday, May 28.

The park opens at 1 p.m. and admission is free.

The day will be filled with music, food, side entertainment and, of course, fireworks at the end of the night.

Other than music
A bunch of ducks, a lot of bling and tons of motocross will keep the entertainment going throughout the day. And don’t forget about the fireworks.
• Motocross: Moto-X, a freestyle motocross stunt team, will run stunts all day long.
“We’re kind of just doing, like, motocross and then running a band, motocross, running a band, motocross, running a band – so we’re trying to keep a constant level of entertainment throughout the event,” James said.
• Quack, quack: At 6 p.m., 7,500 ducks will be dropped off the Bridge Street Bridge. The first duck to cross the finish line will win its sponsor $2,006. The ducks are sponsored by the Manchester Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. You can sponsor a duck by calling 666-6600 (it is $5 for a duck, or five ducks for $20). See page 22 for more.
• Bling Tent: Alternative Sun/Spiderbite is sponsoring a Bling Tent, which will be filled with jewelry vendors, a caricaturist and a place for people to get temporary tattoos.
• ID kits: Molly Bish’s parents will be at the Sky Show this year as well, handing out complimentary Molly Bish Identikits. Bish was a 16-year-old lifeguard who was kidnapped from Warren, Mass. in June of 2000. Her remains were found three years later, just five miles from her home. The identifications kits include photographs and fingerprints.
• Fireworks: The fireworks will start around 9:20 p.m. and will run for around 30 minutes, the longest in Sky Show history