April 20, 2006


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You’re so lame …
Emcees use insults to win cash at Milly’s
By Richie Victorino  rvictorino@hippopress.com

There was something really cool about the moment in 8 Mile when Eminem stepped on stage during an emcee battle and ridiculed himself – “I am white, I am a f-ing bum. I do live in a trailer with my mom; my boy, Future, is an Uncle Tom.”

Ridiculing oneself is not the typical approach to an emcee battle; in the movie Eminem chose this route as a way to leave his opponent with nothing to rap about.

Emcee battles are all about belittling the guy on stage with you. It’s about making fun of the other guy’s shoes, his clothes and everything else about him, according to Nashua-based emcee Edukated (a.k.a. Josh Porter).

Porter has a routine down for preparing for emcee battles.

On his way over to the battle he usually listens to instrumental beats to help his mind get prepared. When he gets to the battle, he starts chatting with the other contestants. But he’s not chatting to be friendly (well, not entirely). The more he talks with the other competitors, the more he learns about them. The more he knows of them, the more ammunition he’ll have to fire at them when they hit the stage.

“You gotta get your mind just right,” Porter said. “I focus on anger and I take it out on stage. But you don’t want to be hateful toward the other artist; it’s all about love.”

An emcee battle is a lot like a mixed martial arts competition (which Manchester just played host to): during the battle it might look like the two competitors hate each other. But after the bell rings, all animosity is thrown out the window.

Isaac Denham organized the emcee battle that takes place Thursday, April 20, at Milly’s in Manchester.

“The emcees are going to have to be talented in what they say and how they say it,” Denham said. “But they’re also going to have the opportunity to directly insult one another, which makes it all funny and fun. You have all these guys talking about how lame the other is.”

Denham has added a twist to this event. When the 16 competitors are whittled down to four, he’ll have each emcee rap about why he is the best and why he should win.

“That way you’re not listening to two hours of why the other person is a loser,” he said.

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Rock the mic
The Freestyle MC Battle takes place on Thursday, April 20, at Milly’s Tavern. Milly’s is located at 500 Commercial St., Manchester, 625-4444.

The audience is the judge in this competition. First place takes home $200, second place wins $100 and third place wins $50.

The cost is $10 to get in and you must be at least 16. The battle starts at 10 p.m. You can find more information at www.cleanbreakrecords.com or at www.myspace.com/cbrekko