March 30, 2005


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The Wickedness of Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada brings her anger, and her band Wicked Wisdom, to New Hampshire
By Richie Victorino

Jada Pinkett Smith kicks ass on and off the screen. On screen sheís done her most recent ass kicking as Niobe in Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions. But sheís also played the role of a tough chick in 1996ís Set it Off, starring opposite Queen Latifah. Off-screen she does the ass-kicking as Jada Koren, the screaming, jumping, angry front woman of the hard rock band Wicked Wisdom ó a band who came off a successful Ozzfest last year. In 1997 she married Will Smith a.k.a. the Fresh Prince ó who also has a career as a musician and actor. Pinkett Smith took a moment from her busy touring schedule to talk with us about life as a hard-rocker, why sheís so angry, and who sheíd yell at if she had the chance.

My first question right off the bat is, how many names do you have, Jada?
[Laughs]. Aww, you donít want to know that. Iíve got about 100 of them.

So whatís Ö Jada Koren come from?
Koren is my middle name, and the persona that you see on stage is so different from Jada Pinkett Smith.

So youíre like a different person when you hit the stage?
Yeah, itís like a real departure from what people know as Jada Pinkett Smith.

Whatís different for you about being an actress and a musician?
As a musician I get to express Jada. As an actress Iím playing a character. You know, like all the lyrics that Iíve written are very personal, so Iím actually sharing a part of myself.

When we listen to your music, and when we listen to you sing, you sound very angry. So I ask you, why are you so angry, Jada?
Thereís a lot of things to be angry about. Itís so funny, you know, in this day of age Ö people are not expected to be angry, or frustrated. As if life is one aspect, like everybodyís happy all the time. The music allows me to express that aspect of myself.

Are you afraid that Wicked Wisdom is going to be a novelty act because of your celebrity?
Itís impossible. Once you see the band, you will be completely aware that thatís an impossibility. You doní go to Ozzfest to be a novelty act, thatís for sure.

If you could yell at anybody face to face, who would you yell at?
Uhh, thatís a long list [laughs].

So you canít answer that for me?
Iíll just leave it at that. Thatís a long list.

You do movies, you do music. Is that exactly how you want it to be or would you like to focus on one more than the other?
No, what I love about being an artist is you can be as expansive as you want. I hope to be blessed enough to continue to both.

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Wicked Good
Wicked Wisdom performs at the Hampton Casino Ballroom on Saturday, April 1. They perform with Sevendust, as well as Nonpoint, Scocialburn and One. Doors open at 6 p.m., show starts at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $24 in advance, $26 the day of the show. For tickets go to or to Ticketmaster locations. The Hampton Casino Ballroom is located at 169 Ocean Blvd., Hampton Beach, 929-4100.

For more on Wicked Wisdom go to or