March 9, 2005


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Tossed salads, egotistical giants and real blood
The story behind Manchester’s very own WAW Wrestling
By Richie Victorino

Todd Sople is the greatest thing that ever happened to this world, according to Sople himself. That might come off a bit egotistical, but he’s got the hardware to prove it. Sople is the current WAW champion, reaching that plateau quicker than any other wrestler. He’s riding an impressive four-month-long winning streak and his next contender, who he’ll meet in April at Legacy, the biggest of all WAW events, is a flamboyant pip squeak who wears a goat mask.

Sople, a 6’3” 250-pound giant, likes his chances against his physically weaker opponent, Freakin’ Flax, who stands at 5’4,” and 150 pounds.

“Freakin’ Flax is everything that’s wrong with the WAW,” Sople said. “Todd Sople is everything that is right. Nobody is equal to me. I’m the best in the WAW and I’m the only name you need to know.”

It’s a wonder how Freakin’ Flax got to this title match at Legacy. The David among a pack of Goliaths outfought 17 other wrestlers at last month’s Lord of the Ring battle royal, making him the last man standing. That earned him the right to fight the champion, the not-so-humble Sople, at Legacy.

Though Flax is little, he’s quick, and he has a deadly finishing move, the Tossed Salad. The Tossed Salad is vicious when properly executed. Flax brilliantly performed his finishing move on The Skyy last month at Lord of the Ring, sending the goat-mask-wearing wrestler to Legacy’s title match.

“Yeah, I definitely made Skyy toss my salad,” Flax said with a laugh.

Despite his aggressive finishing move, Flax is a fun-loving crowd pleaser, the polar opposite of Sople, who has all but given the finger to WAW fans, and to the WAW itself.

“I don’t need a manager. I don’t need alliances, and who needs fans when you’re unequaled?” Sople asked. “I am the cream of the crop. I am the top of the pack.”

Sople would be wise to realize that every year since the WAW has been in existence (it began in 1998) the winner of Lord of the Ring went on to become champion at Legacy.

But all of this pettiness means little to Dirty Dealer, a member of WAW’s elite Hall of Fame. Dirty Dealer is lucky enough to have the title of the first-ever WAW champion, having beaten the Jersey Devil in the first-ever Legacy in 1998. He’s quick to add that he’s three-time WAW champion. As impressive as that sounds, Dirty Dealer hasn’t touched that coveted WAW Champion belt since 2002, when he lost his title to Sin. Ever since 2002, Dirty Dealer’s credentials have been less than impressive.

“I don’t choose to be champion,” Dirty Dealer said. “I’m not interested in being physical in the ring. I like being physical with the ladies, not the wrestlers.”

Dirty Dealer has turned his sights on managing, and until recently he managed the high-flying F.O. But that relationship turned sour and Dealer opted to stop managing F.O.

“I dropped him like a bad habit,” Dealer said. His reason for dropping F.O. was F.O.’s inability to win. “All he did was lose.”

Unfortunately for Dealer, F.O.’s losing ways changed at Lord of the Ring, when he was able to eliminate his former manager by pushing him out of the ring.

“He got lucky. I blacked out and the next thing I realized I was eliminated,” Dealer said.

Despite the obvious animosity between the two wreslters, F.O. chooses the higher road when talking about his former manager.

“In my eyes he’s the king of the crop. He’s been the champion. He’s a hall-of-famer. He’s what I want to be,” F.O. said.

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WAW is wow!
WAW Wrestling is a Manchester-based wrestling organization created by Chris Jackson. WAW is entertainment, like WWE,; but it’s also real.

“The blood is authentic. We would never fake it because we think that cheapens the product,” Jackson explained.

The WAW hosts a weekly wrestling event, Aftermath, every Saturday, at Murphy’s Gym, starting at 7:30 and going to 10 p.m. It is open to the public. You can also catch Aftermath on channel 23 every Friday at 11 p.m. You can also download events, catch up with news, and learn about the wrestlers at

WAW has six major events, including the upcoming Legacy match (the equivalent to WWEs Wrestlemania) which takes place this April. Some of the matches at Legacy included the title match where Freakin Flax will try to end Todd Sople’s win streak and strip his title from him; and the Cemetery Gates VII match (which Dirty Dealer likes to call Cemetery Gates five plus two), where all four WAW hall-of-famers — Dirty Dealer, Sick, Sin and Grave Digger — go head-to-head in a no-rules, anything-goes-match.