March 2, 2006


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NITE: Jamie Dominic: The Next Big Thing?
Nashua native set to launch into music biz

By Kristin Brodeur

Jamie Dominic, a Nashua native, seems like any other 20-year-old. He’s still living with his parents, he wears Abercrombie and Fitch, and he can’t wait to get out of his hometown. But unlike his peers, Dominic is living his dream of becoming a musician, and is well on his way to becoming music’s ‘next big thing.’

Though Dominic’s stage name is Jamie Dominic, he explained that his real name is actually Jamie Monas.

“My middle name’s Dominic,” he said, “and usually I’ve had a bad experience with people mispronouncing [Monas], so I just wanted to get rid of it.”

He’s had some time to think about his stage name, as he has been performing for friends and family since the tender age of 5.

“My grandmother is a jazz artist, and I was influenced by her when I was really young,” Dominic said. “I started singing around five or six [years old], and I started playing guitar when I was about 10.”

The first song Dominic learned to play on his guitar was “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. Dominic laughed thinking of the memory: “It was weird, I learned it by ear, too. I don’t know how to read music.”

He would play his favorite songs, and just learned by “staying in my room for hours a day for the first few years I started playing.” Similarly, Dominic has never had any formal voice training. “I just learned in my room and sang along to different singers, learning different styles and different vocal techniques.”

Dominic draws musical inspiration from all kinds of artists, but especially from his favorite musician of all time, Kurt Cobain. While Dominic acknowledges that Cobain wasn’t the best guitar player, he is emphatic that“[Cobain] is the greatest songwriter ever.”

Dominic, clearly enthusiastic about this subject, went on to say that “[Cobain] could write a song that anyone could remember, and that’s a good songwriter.” Dominic also credits Mike Patten and Brandon Boyd as being among his biggest influences.

Dominic’s music, which he describes as “acoustic” and “really dramatic,” has been slowly changing and developing for almost as long as Dominic has been singing.

“I love hardcore [music],” Dominic said, “and it’s always been a part of what I’ve been doing, but I’ve set it aside.”

Upon thinking about it more, Dominic added, “hardcore’s fun, but it doesn’t really show too much talent. It’s stuff that you’ve heard before, and I want to do stuff no one’s heard before.”

With Kurt Cobain as a measuring stick, Dominic also strives to be a good songwriter. He writes all his songs and uses real-life experiences to create music that means something. “Whether it be a love situation or family problems, I’ll put it together with lyrics and make it like a little story,” Dominic said.

Over the course of his young career, Dominic has been in and out of “probably 12 or 13 bands.” One of those bands, Remains of Troy, had been together for three years and was actually on the verge of a record contract when the band broke up due to the members not being able to get along. When asked whether he likes being solo or in a group better, Dominic hesitated.

“I like being solo because I have more control over what I’m doing, but working with other people is fun too. The collaborations and stuff, that’s really fun.”

Through the bands and the solo career, Dominic credits his parents with always being supportive. “My parents are my biggest fans. They’ve helped me through everything.” Clearly grateful, Dominic added, “If it wasn’t for them I actually probably wouldn’t be where I am. They helped me get my first guitar, they helped me put together rides to get to my own shows when I wasn’t able to drive. They’ve helped me unlimited amounts of times.”

For now, Dominic is focusing on writing and recording songs for his solo album that will be coming out in the summer of 2006.

“I can’t really talk about it,” he said apologetically, “but it should be coming out in the summer.” Dominic has “a lot of money saved up,” so he spends a lot of time now down in his studio, just “writing all the time.” After the album is complete, Dominic will focus on promoting his CD and then probably touring.

When asked what he would do if music didn’t work out for him, Dominic cringed. “I don’t even like to think about that,” he admitted. After several moments of thought, he finally answered, “I guess I would probably just go back to school. But I’m that confident that I’m going to do well with what I’m doing that I just don’t really think about it.”

Over the next decade, Dominic would love to move to a place like California to see what it’s like out there. He would love to play in front of thousands of fans, instead of the 50 or so kids that show up to his shows now. He’ll know he’s really made it, though, when he “sees [his] CD in every store.” Dominic knows that it will probably be a tough road, but he clearly has the drive needed to be successful. “I’ll do anything to get where I [want] to get.”

If you want to learn more about Jamie Dominic, or to listen to some of his songs, visit Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or to ask him about his new material — Dominic admitted that he “really likes talking to new people.”