February 2, 2005


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Nite: U-God’s kung fu not strong enough

Rapper axed by DJ for music chain appearance

By Richie Victorino  rvictorino@hippopress.com

U-God of Wu-Tang Clan apparently does not think much of New Hampshire.

U-God was supposed to be the Clan member who appeared at Cinco’s this Saturday, Feb. 4.

But in a last-minute change, he was given the ax by organizer DJ Dax (Matt Dumond), allegedly because U-God was acting unprofessional. Dax asked Killah Priest of Wu-Tang Clan to perform instead.

Killah said yes.

“He’s probably the most unprofessional musician I’ve ever dealt with,” Dax said of U-God.

Dax has worked with many big-name artists and celebrities, including Sammy Sosa, who has a reputation of being rude.

But Dax said Sosa was perfectly fine, especially when compared to U-God.

Dax said his anger was fueled by the disrespect with which U-God treated him. But the final straw was the Newbury Comics meet-and-greet.

Dax wanted U-God to meet fans for an hour prior to his performance. But when he asked U-God about it, the response was not what he expected.

U-God was not interested in putting much promoting time into New Hampshire, Dax said.

U-God disagrees, saying he was fine with the meet-and-greet.

“He’s known, but he isn’t that known,” Dax said. “Even if he was, he should have more humility to him. Or, eventually, you get knocked down. You should be humble, or you will be humbled.”

When we asked U-God about getting the ax, he seemed surprised.

“[Dax] just called me yesterday and said I was performing,” U-God said.

But he also added he wasn’t going anywhere unless he received a deposit for his appearance. And he hadn’t received a deposit, yet.

He didn’t want to talk with us too much about the issue, saying things like:

“Why are you even calling me asking me about this stuff?” and “Shouldn’t you call the guy who put you in contact with me?” and “Why am I even talking to you about this?”

But we did get a chance to speak with him prior to him getting the ax. Here’s an excerpt.

Is this your first time being in New Hampshire?

Yeah, my first time.

So what’s the first thing you think of when you think of New Hampshire?

I don’t know nothing about New Hampshire so I can’t really think of nothing. Everything is a journey for me to meet new people.

What kind of performance do you give on stage? What’s the setup like?

The setup is it’s raw energy, man. Don’t underestimate me. I get it poppin’. I can’t tell you that I’m gonna be like Elton John, Sammy Davis Jr. or Frank Sinatra, but I give a performance. .

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