Hippo Manchester
December 29, 2005


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Nite: Predicting the future

A psychic and a Magic 8 ball tell us the Queen City’s future

By Richie Victorino  rvictorino@hippopress.com

Who knows what 2006 has in store for us?

Come to think of it, perhaps the folks at Psychic Studio on Second Street in Manchester do. That’s their specialty, isn’t it? We paid them a visit to find out the future of Manchester, the Iraq war and the Hippo (obviously). And, for all you nonbelievers out there, we have you covered. We journeyed into the depths of our vault, past the magic carpet and through the enchanted forest, and dusted off our magic Hippo 8-ball. If you don’t believe what the psychic, Kathy Mitchell, tells you, I’m sure you’ll find it hard to dispute the 8 ball.

This past year there were stabbings and shootings in Manchester’s nightlife. Do you see that stopping in 2006, or keeping going?

Psychic: “I’m hoping to see a lot of changes. But I’m more leaning towards kinda similar. The vibe I’m getting, it’s gonna be kinda similar but maybe a little less.”

Magic 8 ball: Outlook not so good.

Do you see any specific kind of music coming out of Manchester in the future. Something, or someone, that might make the national scene?

Psychic: “To be honest I don’t know what’s hip in this town as far as the sound.”

It tends to be a lot of hard metal.

Psychic: “And that would have been my first gut feeling, for that. If I would’ve went strictly on the vibe alone, that’s exactly what I would have said.”

Magic 8 ball: Ask again later. (Five minutes later: Without a doubt).

The new mayor [Frank Guinta] has a promise to reduce spending. What do you see?

Psychic: “[Whispers] It’s not gonna happen.”

Any particular reason for that?

Psychic: “I don’t think all of the positions were realistic. I think it’s harder to do than what is anticipated. I don’t think it was by fault. I just think it’s harder than what he would have anticipated.”

Magic 8 ball: My sources say no.

Will the economic boom continue to happen in Manchester?

Psychic: “Yes.”

In what way?

Psychic: “I sense that Manchester is starting to get a little more, and New Hampshire for that matter, starting to get the feeling and the vibe for financial stuff. Investing and cleaning things up and making a better appearance. I just think we’re getting more hip. And the younger ages are wanting to clean things up and make things prettier so people will want to come to [Manchester]. We’ll never be a Boston, but we’ll have a little bit better standing than what we do now.”

Magic 8 ball: Don’t count on it.

Do you see New Hampshire going smoke-free in 2006?

Psychic: “I think it would be a good thing. But there’s a lot of people that really stand up ... for Live Free or Die. So, maybe eventually. But not in a year’s time, or two years’ time. It’s something a little more far-fetched than that.”

Magic 8 ball: As I see it.

Do you see any of our sports teams (Boston or Manchester) having success this year?

Psychic: “I think we’ve had a pretty good run. And I get the feeling, most specifically the Patriots and the Red Sox are still hustling, but I think that the Red Sox may have seen their glory. The Pats is a mixed bag for me. They might make it one year, almost there, and the next year they will make it.”

So you see them staying as contenders for a while?

Psychic: “Yeah. I think they’re high contenders. The Red Sox are just, that’s a touchy subject for me. I want to see them win, win, win.”

Magic 8 ball: You may rely on it. Note: Sadly, the 8 ball did not tell us which team will have success.

Do you see the Hippo expanding to another market?

Psychic: “Yeah, and I don’t know which direction but yes. It’s a very good paper. People love it. Much expansion. There’s just so many areas and avenues you guys can go down.”

Magic 8 ball: Signs point to yes.

Last question. What about Iraq? Do you see any more withdrawal of troops this year?

“I think there should be. I just don’t know if the president’s going to agree with me on that.”

Magic 8 ball: Better not tell you now.