Music — Music from the Motion Picture Garden State

Various Artists (Sony Music)


This is one of those albums you can listen to all the way through.

Let’s be honest, most albums contain that little cluster of boring, grating or otherwise unlistenable songs. This is especially true of soundtracks. For some soundtrack albums (the Batman movies come to mind here), there is arguably one mildly interesting song padded by 14 tracks of filler.

But then you have the soundtrack greats, the real standouts, the Wes Andersons, the Quentin Tarantinos. The soundtracks that feel like the mix tapes you would make if you had the time to make a really cool mix tape that blended slightly obscure oldies with indie bands and a few current chart toppers.

Such is the soundtrack to Garden State.

The movie (see review on page 62) is full of well-directed quiet moments and clever dialogue, all supported by surprisingly well-chosen music. You have the smooth party scene (Zero 7’s “In the Waiting Line), the burgeoning romance (The Shins’ “Caring Is Creepy” and “New Slang”), the moody contemplation scene (Nick Drake’s “One of These Things First”) and, of course, the slightly obscure oldie, Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Only Living Boy in New York.”

A well-used addition to an enjoyable movie, the soundtrack as just as good once you leave the cineplex.


—Amy Diaz

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