Music — McLachlan wows Verizon

McLachlan wows Verizon

By Gil Talbot

Singer hauls out her standbys and promotes new disc

It would be a gentler world if more Sarah McLachlans lived in it. She exudes a sincerity, a genuiness that hauls away apprehensions. If you had never seen nor heard of Ms. McLachlan but attended her sold-out concert at the Verizon last Saturday night, you’d leave thinking you had a new friend, a special person with musical gifts that you can’t, and don’t, want to get out of your head.

For two hours on May 21, including two encores, Ms. McLachlan enchanted her “friends” of all ages with songs of love, hope and hurt. She delivered many tunes from the new recording Afterglow, but remembered the favorites such as “I Will Remember You” and “Sweet Surrender.”

Welcoming the audience after the second song, “Building a Mystery,” she conveyed what a privilege it was to be back in these parts and thanked the crowd for coming. It was the most sincere “Thank you” this reviewer has heard or seen from a performer of such superstar status.

She roamed the stage dressed in elegant yet conservative earth tones befitting the mother she is.  Moving from piano to guitar to singing solo, Ms. McLachlan relished playing as much as performing.  The stage brought to mind a Brazilian rainforest: faux trees and grass, but as enchanting as the performer herself.

Surprise covers included The Beatles’ “Blackbird” and Peter Gabriel’s “Solisbury Hill.”  They were delightful renditions.

“Angel” was breathtaking, receiving one of the evening’s standing ovations.  The admiration was for the song and also for the angel Sarah McLachlan is.

- Gil Talbot

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