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The Everyday Visuals and their new Crush

By Michelle Saturley 

Lead singer and guitarist Christopher Pappas sounds like a proud papa when talking about the new The Everyday Visuals CD, Media Crush.

Maybe it’s because the self-produced, self-recorded project took about as long to complete as a pregnancy, and the completion of the CD was something akin to a rebirth for the group.

“We didn’t have any other goal with this recording but to find our own sound, our own voice,” Pappas said. “This was the record that we had to get out. It was a catharsis.”

That attitude toward the project was what sparked the name of the CD.

“Underground bands are under a lot of pressure when they record an album to make something that’s commercially pleasing, to the record labels and to their fans,” Pappas said. “We started calling it a ‘media crush.’ It’s the reason why so many emerging artists feel like they have to water down what they’re doing, to please others.”

Media Crush has already been favorably compared to Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which Pappas was happy to hear. “They’re a great band,” he said. Other influences on the members of The Everyday Visuals include R.E.M., Nirvana and U2.

Pappas (pictured above) is particularly pleased that this recording didn’t succumb to the pressure of commercial success.

“It’s not for everybody,” he said. “It’s actually a pretty brutal, relentless commentary on the music scene today.”

Pappas says Noise Room, the debut recording by The Everyday Visuals, didn’t truly capture what the band is all about, and looks forward to getting Media Crush into the hands of fans.

“Noise Room was sort of recorded in a fishbowl,” Pappas said. “It didn’t feel like a full album, because it was more of a greatest hits project, where we put together our more popular songs on one recording. With Media Crush, there’s a concept, a flow.”

The band will headline a CD release party at Milly’s Tavern on November 19, where the CD will be for sale. The band is planning on playing most of the tracks from the album. When the group plays live, the regular members—Pappas, Kyle Fredrickson (guitar, vocals), and Joe Seiders (drums, vocals)—are usually joined by “hired guns” who help them recreate the sound from their recordings. The band recently lost a part-time member and longtime friend, Tim Wilusz, who decided to get out of the music business altogether.

“Tim’s decision to leave didn’t impact us as much musically as it did personally,” Pappas said. “He wasn’t able to participate in the recording sessions for Media Crush that much. But Tim co-founded the band with me, and that presence is missing.”

Still, Pappas says the band is focused on the future. After enlisting manager Dan Maimone of Small Pond Entertainment last year, The Everyday Visuals is playing gigs all over the Northeast and garnering awards and attention from local independent radio stations. In fact, the band was named “Best Band in NH” by 92.5 The River and New Hampshire Magazine.

Even with the accolades, The Everyday Visuals still remains unsigned by a major label. But Pappas says they’re not sweating it.

“I think this is the age where major record labels have less and less to offer to emerging artists,” he said. “Artists who have any kind of business sense can do just as good of a job marketing themselves, maybe even better. Because when you’re a new artist on a major label, you aren’t a priority.”

Pappas hopes that Media Crush will pique the interest of an independent label. “I think that’s a better fit for us,” he said. He also hopes that the new recording will draw in some new fans from the Manchester area.

“We have a very loyal fan base here,” he said. “But what I’ve noticed is, it’s the same people who come out to see us time after time. I’m glad that they found our music, but I’d like to see us reach more people. I think there is a lot of room in this town for our music. It can’t just be cover tunes and death metal.”

Pappas gives Milly’s credit for attempting to foster a more diverse musical environment in the city.

“You’ve got to give them credit for trying,” he said. “They really try to mix it up, with hard rock, hip-hop, acoustic, and bands like ours. It’s really the only place in the city that’s doing it.”

The Everyday Visuals CD Release Party happens Friday, November 19 at Milly’s Tavern. Car Crash Show, Violet Nine, and As Fast As will share the bill. The cover for this all-ages show is $7. Media Crush will be available at all The Everyday Visuals gigs and at Newbury Comics stores. For more on the band, go to

Michelle Saturley

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