Hippo Manchester
October 20, 2005


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DangerDoom, The Mouse and the Mask

Epitaph, 2005


In my best Dr. Weird voice, “GENTLEMEN! Introducing… DangerDoom!” 

Forums and messages boards have been lit up for months since the news was announced about the collaboration between the cartoon loving MF Doom and the RIAA’s most wanted producer, DJ Dangermouse. With [adult swim] backing the concept, expect lunacy at its finest. 

Needless to say, with a man who once said, “I always had a crush on Leela. The one-eyed freak girl from Futurama. She’s got the boobs on her,” you can expect MF Doom to handle his own in the [adult swim] universe.  On The Mouse And The Mask, Doom pays homage to many of the adult cartoons by centering rhymes around central characters like Harvey Birdman, Space Ghost and the entire Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  DJ Dangermouse on the other hand pays tribute with choice, vocal samples and original material from the voice actors themselves, recorded especially for the album.  No doubt, The Mouse And The Mask, is the only place where you find Meatwad rapping as deftly as Doom himself.

Along with the guest voice actors, you also expect a barrage of featured MCs such as Talib Kweli, Cee-Lo, and Ghostface.  On the most kinetic and well-produced track, “Bizzy Box,” Cee-Lo shows off his skills while Dangermouse’s production shines through, crisp and clear.  “Bizzy Box” ends up being the most radio friendly track but the rest of album ends up being 40 minutes of inside jokes that [adult swim] aficionados will eat up. 

Parts of The Mouse And The Mask can be sub par at times and the subject matter will more than likely be inaccessible outside of the [adult swim] crowd. But for those apart of the cult, this disc deserves a place next to your Sealab 2021 and ATHF DVDs.

— Dan Brian